Question for stick users concerning Mic

How do people who use Sticks use a Mic ?

Does your stick have a built in mic contact or if not how do you get a mic to work if you do use a mic ?

I have a TE stick, so it has a headset input on the front. I know people that have a HRAP EX also have headset inputs. AIB offers headset inputs. Even ex2’s have them. Most commercially manufactured 360 sticks have them.

I have a custom without one so trying to find another solution.

If you have a Rock Band mic, have you tried plugging that into the other USB port? I use a HRAP2 that’s been modded for use on the 360 and I’m thinking of trying it myself.

I’m getting a wireless one when I get a custom made, it’s nearly the only way without getting a mic in the stick. The wireless one is suppose to be alright, disconnects once in awhile.

if the custom stick is using an xbox controller, there should be a a place to plug a 2.5 mm extension cord. Then all you do is mount the other end of the extension cord to one of the surfaces of your box. Then just plug your headset in to that.

If 2.5 mm extensions aren’t common, just do what i did. get a regular 3.5 mm extension and put 2 converter plugs on each end.

(2.5mm - 3.5mm plug) ==> (3.5mm extension) ==> (3.5mm - 2.5mm plug).

I found all the parts at a dollar store. 3 bucks for the entire thing.

i sorta did what The LPT did, except i used a 2.5mm ==> 3.5mm converter. Drilled a hole and mounted the 3.5mm end on the box. Made my own adapter to use my pc headset for 360 and just plugged that into the 3.5mm port.

wireless works great if you got the cash to spare.

ive done the Instructable mentioned above by Alvin81, works fine but when traveling to friend’s house for Link play i got tired of carrying the headset and fiddling with wires.

i haven’t had the wireless headset disconnect on me once fwiw. and the audio has been clearer on both receiving and outputting.

This goes in Tech Talk section and their also a guide somewhere in tech talk on how to put a head phone jack in your custom arcade stick. here you go.

I really hated the wireless headset. I made a ghetto stick a while back and I didn’t have the headset plug accessible, so I bought a wireless headset and really didn’t like it. Audio quality was pretty low and the headset was pretty uncomfortable for me (Maybe because I bought it used and it only had one size of the ear piece). Not to mention, battery life was pretty poor and my voice didn’t pick up very well compared to my wired headset.