Question brook ps4 pcb install

The pcb has touchpad support, it shows 6 pins on the board where the touchpad is.

I’m wanting to connect 1 sanwa button to be the ps4 touchpad(lot of games require touchpad in practice mode) and saw that the etokki omni has a button for the touchpad

do I need a harness with all the wires and find a way to connect a sanwa button or do I only need to use one of a harness like the turbo wires that came with the pcb and only connect that to 2 of the pins on the pcb?

any help I would appreciate, thanks!

notice where it shows “touchpad” and has 6 pins coming out? If I could use the turbo wire harness (2 pins) and connect it to the right one out of the 6, which one would I need to use? Or would I need to mod a harness that connects all of the pins into a positive and negative wire for a sanwa button?

I have the cables that came with it to connect the turbo / l3 / r3 buttons, wondering if I could use that? I don’t even know how the touchpad works on a ps4, never used it. Only used ps4 for fighting games

edit :: I see a 2 pin harness wire for "touch button? " I wonder what that is? Is that the touchpad button input? If so that would be perfect…I don’t know though :frowning:

You can connect to the GND + Touch Button area labeled on the board since it looks like the trace leads to the TPK + GND on the actual brook board. (If I’m wrong hopefully someone corrects me. But if you want to solder onto the board you need the TPK and GND for touch functionality). If you have any extra quick disconnects laying around you can just solder it on to those points if you don’t mind the ghettoness. Hope this helps!

This board doesn’t require any solder

you see the pins sticking out of the touchpad area? it shows 6 of them. I’m thinking 2 per are for up right / up left / bottom right/ bottom left since the touchpad can sense which part of the touchpad you’re touching.

If that’s true, it wouldn’t matter which area I’m touching down on, as long as it inputs as a click…I have a turbo wire 2 pin connector, if someone knew for sure, I’d be willing to connect 2 pins out of the 6 on it into a sanwa button to see if it works.

edit :: I see a 2 pin harness wire for "touch button? " I wonder what that is? Is that the touchpad button input? If so that would be perfect…I don’t know though :frowning:

Yeah that’s the one I’m talking about, the touch button. If you have the harness try it, if not use some wire laying around (that’s why I mentioned soldering). But assuming you bought that exact board off of FocusAttack or something like that it should inclue the extra 2pin harness to quick disconnects.

Alright nice! That’s good to hear, I was having difficulty figuring out after seeing “touchpad” and 5 pins sticking out like what?!

I read people put their sticks into ps3 mode but I didn’t want to do that and figure a way to fix it.

I’ll just swap out one of my buttons on my 8 button layout on my stick, since the last 2 really don’t serve for anything.

Might just drill a hole in my stick for it if I have to do it.

If someone who knows this works 100% for sure, let me know.

Thanks a lot!

It worked, I used the touch button part on the PCB and worked perfectly.

Going to drill another hole in my case on the front and put the share button in it and replace the touchpad button where my share use to be.