Question about Upgrading to Ultra

Ok so im new to street fighter. i used to play tekken alot but i sucked at that but i wanna get into the fighting game scene and i was wondering if i can just buy super street fighter 4 and buy the ultra upgrade and ill wont have to buy arcade edition. like itll give me everything up to that or do i have to upgrade all the way up. its hard to explain what i mean.

like heres another example. if i upgrade fomr super straight to ultra, does that mean i wont get characters that were introduced in AE

no one knows?

you cant buy super anywhere i think, so ther’s no reason to buy it even if you find it, and yes you get everything from super to ultra, they specified that when they announced ultra, but am not sure if this work with the current DLC version or if you’ll have to wait retail full version in august