Question about Ultra digital upgrade

I have super street fighter 4 and i was wondering if i get the digital upgrade in june, do i get all the characters, or since i dont have arcade edition i dont get the new ae characters? Also does the digital upgrade in june come with all the costumes, if not should i wait till august to get them or is there no point?

You get all the characters.

You get everything up until USF4 for 15 bucks on June 3rd, except everyone’s DLC costumes. If you want everyone’s DLC costumes, you need to buy the physical disk copy of USF4 that releases on August 5th. If you pre-order the physical version now, you will get 5 exclusive costumes for the 5 new characters. You can always buy the 15$ version, then get the costumes all on the XBL/PSN DLC marketplace later if you want, but not sure if you’ll ever be able to get the 5 exclusive character costumes from there. (you probably will eventually, so don’t dread it) I hope i thoroughly answered your question.