Question about this stick, Hori Tekken 3 Real Arcade Stick

So I purchased this stick back during the PSX days when Tekken 3 came out. It only has 4 buttons on it, has anyone modified this stick before or know what kind of parts are inside?

Here is a picture of it.

Hori parts.
Same as the regular Namco.
To modify is the same way as any.

Joystick is regular Hori.

Buttons use Tokai Communication Microswitches.
That is the same brand Seimitsu uses for their Buttons.
Buttons are in style of Seimitsu PS-14-G, but can take regular Sanwa SW-68 Microswitches.

just got myself one of these, should arive in a few days!

i have a spare JLF and some osbf i want to put on it, is it easy to mod or will require heavy modifications to the box? is there any thread whith a mod tutorial or something?

i read some pages on that namco thread but dont know if the mods needed will be same for this one.

sry for my bad english and thx


Same HORI Fighting Stick 3.
Same HORI Fighting Stick Wii.
Same HORI Fighting Stick EX2.