Question about stick durability

I have a five year old that like’s to jam on my TE stick with an LS-32. Can they withstand abuse as well as a Happ comp or the like? I read on Slagcoin that they are a little less durable than Happ parts. I assume Seimitsu and Sanwa parts can take a good beating, but then again i dont think the Japanese are nearly as rough on there stuff as American kids are.

Only 1 way to find out…

Why not get him a cheapo stick if you’re worried about him damaging your TE? That or teach him to respect the damn thing.

Actually he is a she. She and i take turns back and forth playing against the CPU. Quess your right i might have to let her loose on the Happ instead.

I have nieces - 5 and 7 that play on my Happ SFAC sticks. If I get the impression they’re randomly banging around on them we stop playing. You could easily get her a little $20-30 stick that could be “her stick” and worry less about her messing yours up. Even so, the fact that you have an LS-32 on yours shows that you’re willing to mod it. If she does tear the thing up you’re out $25 to replace the stick.

When I first started playing SF4 on my brand new TE I fucking rocked the stick. It got abused to the highest degree…

I took it apart and just (today) did the dual console mod and noticed my rubber washer on the stick itself is torn up because the square gate is chipped. Not a big deal to me but it’s definitely not pristine anymore.

hope that helps you a bit :stuck_out_tongue: