Question about new user limitations

This account’s pretty new, but I created it because I wanted to change my name from my old account (KingCrimson). I couldn’t find a way to change my name so I just made a new account.

Because this is a new account, I can only seem to post 3 posts in a topic/thread and the SFV Lounge thread (where I mostly post) gets well over a hundred posts a day and keeps going until it reached 5k posts.

I also can’t seem to send PM’s.

How long do I have to wait for these limitations are removed?


should be able to answer your question.

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Thanks Appo.

@d3v do you happen to know? Thanks.

Lemme look into it.

I can simply bump you up to regular. Though, I believe it’s possible to rename your old account as well.


It seems like you upgraded me to a regular user, so thanks @d3v. If I do want to change my name again, I’ll just request it to be changed, but that’s unlikely. Thanks again!