Question about my button layout

alright, as most of you guys probably play the lower row of buttons are mapped as lk,mk,hk. and the upper row punches yes?

well, when i started playing the game i had a fight pad and for some reason got into playing with my lower row as punches and my upper as kicks.

now my question is, could this hinder my game play in anyway? such as execution or anything of that sort?

some times when i play it feels like some things could be easier done with the buttons mapped different, but is by no means impossible the way i have it now.

so what do y’all think?
do some of you have your buttons mapped like this?

hmm i have a feeling i should have posted this in the sf4 subform, but anyway, the question relates to that game.

If all you’re doing is inverting the punches and kicks, then I don’t see how this can hinder your playing in any way since you always have access to the same buttons as everybody else. The only problem would be to always remember that bottom = punches and top = kicks. It’ll also be a hassle to always change the layout from game to game, system to system. I think if at all possible, you should learn it the original way, if only for convenience. However, switching them around should not hinder you in any way.