Question about modding my Hori EX2

I am going to be modding my Ex 2 via this mod:

I ordered the cherry switches from Lizard Lick, but then got a little nervous that they may not work. Will those be okay?

Heh, I JUST added cherry microswitches to my EX2 last night. They’ll work fine, but as that guide says, take it one wire at a time or you run the risk of forgetting which cable is the ground.

right. that’s not a problem. I was going to label each one. I was also wondering if using most of the parts from the Hori stick (the shaft, spring, those pieces of plastic) were going to make it feel less than my Virtual Stick High Grade.

Edit: I also am using an 8 way Sanwa Gate instead of Octagonal. This shouldn’t cause a problem either correct?


Never used the Virtual Stick High Grade, so I can’t comment there, but I am using an Octagonal gate as well, and it works just fine.

No, I mean I’m going to use the Sanwa Square gate, and not the Octagonal. Sorry for the confusion.

Whoops, missed the wording there, lol. The standard Sanwa square gate should work fine as well.

One final question (I think of these on my smoke breaks at work, haha). I want to paint the plastic to a matte black. Is there any kind that will hold better on the plastic than your standard rattle can?