Question about Lobo

So I was just scanning around at my local fleamarket and found some old Lobo comics. I read em’ and I was pleasantly surprised. That’s some hilarious stuff and the drawing is awesome. But is Lobo still around? Is he currently being drawn in his own series or whats the status of Lobo right now? Or heck, even the crazy artist that does his stuff.

Last time I read Lobo was in 52. But after that he showed up in a two part crossover called Deadly Serious and in 2008 he was in the Reign In Hell in 2008 I believe. He hasn’t been terribly active as of late. All and all Lobo’s still Lobo though, his character hasn’t changed much.

Anyone remember the Lobo/Authority crossover?
That was some twisted shit right there.

Who made the Lobo issues you read? Keith Giffen? If so, he’s still active in the comics world. He’s mostly been doing DC stuff and a couple of projects for Boom! Studios (indie company). I can’t exactly recall what the most recent thing he did was. I think he Reign in Hell and Ambush Bug: Year None for DC as well as some crossover thing between DC’s mainstream superheroes and the WildStorm characters. (Don’t expect any of those to be as good as his Lobo comics, though.) DC’s also been starting to reprint his vintage work on the Justice League International, though - those are worth seeking out.

I don’t really recall the titles of the books he’s done for Boom! other than Hero Squared, which is also really good and in the same vein as his JLI work.

Also, Giffen is going to write a new Doom Patrol comic. It’s going to feature back-up stories starring the Metal Men, which Giffen will also write.

Lobo is my 3rd favorite comic character (behind gambit and deadpool) and i haven’t seen him in anything big since 52… which was awesome and all but i wish he had more to do in current events y’know… i was totally expecting to see him in MKvsDC… but nooooooooo they add in 12 batman characters instead of using a downright MKesque character to make the transition smoother… watever… but no Lobo hasn’t changed much since his Unbound series… i do miss him dearly tho… bastiches