Question about LED power supply on my stick

So basically, I want to add LEDs to the custom stick I am building. I am thinking about using the Arc-Eye board to make it convenient and clean. I also want to make it run off USB power by tapping it into the 5v on my ChImp board. I read that the Arc-Eye board “typically consumes 40ma if only one primary color is used”. I plan on using only red, so on my 8 buttons that is 320ma. I also read that “USB is rated to provide 500ma”, so that leaves 180 ma to spare. My question is, how much ma does a ChImp board dual modded with a 360 PCB use just for it’s main functionality? I want to make sure i’m not trying to pull more power than what’s available so my LEDs shine bright (especially if I end up adding an LED in the ball top). The biggest thing is I am trying as much as possible to avoid using a battery pack.

Nobody knows? =/