Question about Jin T4 help

Well I’m the proud owner of Tekken 4 (big whoop right:rolleyes: ) hey what can I say I own all the Tekkens now couldn’t pass this one up. Anyway I don’t really like this one ever since I played it in the arcades but it is growing on me like a hang nail. Now to the question at hand. When I’m playing against the computer I notice that he does “mental alertness” when he knocks me down and when he does that he is also powered up (hands start glowing). Now to do this manually the command is b1+2. But what I want to know is how to do it with the mental alertness animation?

Aw come on I know this isn’t the zaibatsu but I don’t plan on registering with them anytime soon. Where are the Tekken players at?

Theres a few ways to get him in his omen stance the most common is to amnually do a B+1+2 the hold down 1+2 and then to enter the command B,F,D,U also there are move that can trigger him to go into the stance for example if you press D+1+2 after doing a1+2 his hands will glow and he will go into the stance. while in the stance you can to the Kazama fury followed by 1,2,3 D+4 uf you do it fast enough the 1,2,3 will be unblockable. I hope this is what you wanted but to be honest the stance is a pretty big waste of time imo…

Hmmm uh…

Well, the manual command is b+1+2 when standing still… that gets the Lingering Soul… but when the CPU did it to you after a move he immediately does it as if he chained into it… that’s d+1+2 and that can only be done after certain moves, and for some moves they actually have to hit the opponent to get the follow up.


Those can whiff and the lingering soul can be followed…


Those must hit the opponent and then the lingering soul can be followed.

The axe kick f,f+3 with the 1,3~3,3 or Kazama fury follow up can also be followed up with lingering soul as well.

Note that when he’s in lingering soul, you cannot block (but you can still parry) and if you get hit, their hit will count as CH, but if you do a move, it will do guard dmg on block and if it hits it will be CH… but I still think it’s too risky.

Thanks for the input guys. But now I want your personal opinion, which Tekken do you think is better 4 or Tag?

For mw I like TTT better but I’m a better T4 player, I just like the pace of TTT…

I personally like tekken 4 better. I could never get into a rythym in TTT

jesus tag had so much more!

I personally like T4 better. They made my favorite character (Jin, of course) so much better than he used to be, and I like the fact that the areas you fight in aren’t “infinite rings” anymore.

It did but it takes a little more skill to play T4 than it does TTT…

Um…you are COMPLETELY wrong. ANY person can pick up Jin, learn 5-6 moves, and win. TTT was WAY more balanced (besides maybe Mishima WD/LD) and actually took skill to win. I still like T4 more than tag, but if you honestly think that then maybe you’re just a scrub or didn’t play tag at all.

not really I eat scrubbyJins up all the time sure he’s broken but he can be beaten pretty easily if the guy useing him is a bit on the scrubish side, and just because I state my opinion you call me a scrub?

TTT more balanced than T4?

I want some of what you’re smoking - must be some strong shit.

And please! ppl stop saying that shitty word ‘scrub’ in some arguments. It doesn’t help at all.

Omen command is b+1+2, hold 1+2~d,u,b,f…and omg; you can get a solid beat down when doing it as well if you aren’t ‘mentaly aware’.


I haven’t found anything too ‘broken’ about Jin yet. mids own him - FOR FREE!!


Saying Tekken 4 is more balanced is easy, simply because the roster is so much smaller than tag. But I won’t get into balance, because I think the argument is much more about “skill”. Simply put, Tekken 4 takes less skill to win than Tag. I don’t see how anyone could possibly say otherwise when the most of the game revolves around poking (hell I could probably get by using Paul and 1 1,2 and d/f+1 all day…even better if I got the JF down…but not really necessary). I mean, even with the top tiers in Tag (Mishimas…possibly Changs too), you had to learn WD/LD to even THINK of competing at a high level. Maybe your hands are Godly, but I’m pretty sure it’s not that easy to light dash. Whereas in T4, there’s really not nearly as much “learning” with the top tiers to make them effective. Not to mention it takes a quite a bit of work to learn middle/low tier characters (I personally use Julia/Hwoa/Marduk) to be able to compete with Jin/Paul/Steve (I actually have a pretty easy time against Steve with my Hwoarang for some reason) abusers. Whereas you can learn a few abusable moves, bam, you can beat a LOT of players.
Nothing broken about Jin? How about the fact that he has more moves that give him a frame advantage on BLOCK than anyone? Just go to the frame database and look at his sheet. I guarantee you he has more than twice the amount of frame advantage blocked moves than anyone else in the game. But Namco saw it fit to give Julia (who I admit can still compete at high level play (e.g. marquette)) ONE move that gives a frame advantage, which is useless anyways. Anyways, that’s all for now.

T4 is not a great game, to me that is. I like TTT much better and the only reasons I like T4 is because of the way Jin and Kaz fight now. Especially Jin and the “traditional” style of Karate.