Question about fireball > Fadc > Hk

Is there a specific timing on this? I cant seem to get it down at all, sometimes it works and most of the time it doesnt combo into the far hk. Usually i would go > c.lp > > fireball > fadc and try to combo that into the far hk, but it rarely works. Am i doing something wrong? When are you supposed to hit the hk after the dash?

man you have no problem making a new thread everyday.

st.HK is 7 frames making it (i think) one frame link; you’re not getting it because its 1 frame.

i was just gonna say this.

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plink it.

So where exactly do i ask this then…?

hey c2q. the guys above gave you your answer - it’s a 1 frame link so it’s best to plink it.

if you’re not familiar with plinking, in this situation you’d hit HK~MK, hitting the mk a split second later

if you do it fast enough, the game recognises the hard kick on one frame, then it takes the next frames input as a hard kick plus a medium kick, but due to attack priority the hard kick comes out

since you have only 1 frame to perform the link into the hard kick this gives you two chances in effect. if you’re on point and the hk comes out perfectly timed it’ll still hit. if you’re a frame early with your hk then the plink frame will still hit.

Combos thread.

I plink this stuff, I myself didn’t even realize it was one frame, but that would explain my trouble early on doing this. You’ll get the hang of it.

Plinking is your friend. You’ll hit it in no time.

I think you can get a little more extra time by trying to cancel the cr mp into the fireball on the last possible frame and making sure the fadc dashes forward on the first possible frame, i found that when i practiced canceling the fb out of the cr mp as late as i could it made the hk link after the fadc way easier cause it game me more off the fireballs hitstun to work with.

it’s a one frame link for sure? the timing feels really easy compared to other 1-frame links, which i can’t even land consistantly. i could even just mash HK instead of trying to time it and it still comes out on time