Question about disc vs download of SSFIV:AE

I recently got into Street Fighter, and I was playing on my PS3 with my boyfriend’s disc to see if I would like it. Well I played enough to get a C rank, and I really want the game for myself. Is the BP/PP attached to my account?

I was thinking of buying Super SFIV and getting the DLC on PSN since we already have one version of AE on disc, but if I do this, will I lose my ranking? Or should I just buy another disc to be sure?

You PP/BP is attached to your PSN account. I bought the AE disc for my 2nd PS3(and so when visiting friends I’d have AE), and after signing into my account, my PP/BP was there.

Awesome! Thanks!

There was a lot of rage had getting that high of level lol I just didn’t want to lose that for wanting to save a little money.