Question about chicken combo

I’m pretty new to oro, so im not too knowledgeable about individual character strategies. I was hoping somebody could compile a list of the number of times each character can be hit with the chicken combo. From my experience I seem to be trying to run it too long on some characters and missing the opportunity to cancel into a super art, but right now my execution isnt that consistent so I can’t really tell. Any help would be appreciated.

Hugo and the twins won’t juggle like the rest of the cast, but you can go through the loop the same amount of times on everyone, however if you start the combo with a jump in chicken, you’ll lose a juggle point.

To understand how long you can do the chicken combo, you have to know a little bit about the juggle system. Whenever a character is juggled, they have 6 “juggle points.” Each move has a certain number of points associated with it, and take off the appropriate number of points, starting with the move that launches. The important numbers for Oro are these; chicken kicks (both ground and air) use 1 point, fireballs use 1 point, Yagyou-dama uses 1 point per hit, and close mp uses 1 point on the first hit and 3 points on the second hit (so 4 total if both hits connect). If your opponent has any juggle points left when you hit them in the air, you will juggle them, otherwise, they will fall through the move. Note that EX tengu stones reset the juggle count to 0, which is why tengu stone juggles work.

So, so examples would be:, 1 point)xmk chicken kicks(2 points used,, 3 points used)xmk chicken kicks(4 points used), mp uppercut (ender).

or, if you want to combo into tengu tone, replace the mp uppercut at the end of that with cl.mpxxEXsuper

so,, 1 point)xmk chicken kicks(2 points used,, 3 points used)xmk chicken kicks(4 points used),, 5 points)xxEX super, HK(stones will reset juggle count and prevent HK from reseting), then fill in with whatever for a while, then end with something like another full chicken combo.

Edit: Yea, what pherai said is important, too. The normal full chicken combo still works on them in the corner, though.

excellent, thanks for the detailed advice.

I take it the yagyou dama doesnt take juggle points when canceled from a chicken combo then?

Yagyou doesn’t reset the juggle count that’s why the Yagyou Drama Loop Unblockable whatever works (chicken combo, 1st hit of Yagyou hits -> opponent falling through Yagyou -> Crossup and launching again repeat)

EX Tengu Stone not only resets the juggle, it ignores it altogether. Therefore you get 6 juggle points before, the super, then 6 juggle points after.

Yagyou Dama does not reset the juggle, but that’s the whole point of the super. You want yagyou to only hit once so you have time to set yourself up for the unblockable. The unblockable works because you cannot tech roll out of a super.

This is incorrect. Try this:

Jump in air chicken, launch xx chicken, launch xx chicken, launch xx EX Tengu. That’s 6 juggle points used up before activating the super. You’ll find that anything you try will whiff.

EX Tengu (and Genei Jin) work by taking 1 juggle point, then immediately resetting the juggle score to 0 each time a rock (or non-palm GJ move) hits. Against Chun/Q/Elena, you may notice that you can’t get all 6 hits after the 100% stun combo. That’s because you need to let a rock hit near the end of Tengu time to reset the score to 0 before you start your post-Tengu stun juggle.

If you know how to kara-palm, try this. Go into System Direction and make it so that Genei Jin has a long bar, but don’t change anything else. Go into Training Mode and see if you can combo more than 6 consecutive kara-palms. You can’t; the 7th will whiff because each palm still does 1 juggle point without resetting the score.

Haha yeah I’m an idiot… you need 5 juggle points before. Thanks Jin… always there to correct me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a teacher. It’s my job, haha.

The juggle count is 6 as standard throughout the system mechanics of the game, but it is possible to quickly do 2 hits which seem to be registered as a single juggle point.

For example: jump in chicken -> mp x chicken -> mp x chicken -> mp x superjump -> rh… This is 7 hits, and works on pretty much every character.

Or, a very simple combo to do on ***stunned ***opponents: mp x chicken -> mp x chicken -> close lp -> dash -> close lp -> jump rh… Once again this 7 hit combo works, because the last lp and the rh hit in quick succession.

Whats actually going on there is that you can still hit people on the way up, even if you used all the juggle points. It’s probably close to the same reason that you can do tengu juggles after 5 points, since the first HK in the tengu stone combo would hit and eat the 6th point, but the stones hit before the top of the hit arc and so combo and reset the count.

Actually many of these types of juggles can happen later, such as resets after necro’s db.fierce. It all just depends on their hit box etc.

I’ll direct this at Jinrai, but if anyone else knows that works:
On, what is the juggle point value of each hit? The first close hit is one juggle point, is the second hit 2 or 3? Just curious.

Resurrection! I can’t seem to land a second chicken on anyone juggleable. cl/mp xx mk chicken -> xx mk chicken comes out but the second chicken whiffs. Any tips to help me out? I suspect I may be doing it too slow but trying to go faster causes the move to not come out at all. Thanks for any help!

EDIT! Went back and tried it again, but I waited a little longer for Ryu to be almost the level of Oro’s head, and everything worked. I needed to go slower after all. :bgrin: No worries now.

a hk chicken works on the shotos if you press mp early.

Instead of starting a new thread, I’ll just ask my question here. Can someone get an Oro combo thread started?

mmm you could either use the forum’s search engine, or check this post which links to vids and to the most complete (and really old) oro guide in here :

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