Question about button spacing on sticks

I’ve been playing with a hori fs3 on and off for the last couple of months, I have small hands and have been wondering if it would be easier to play with a stick with a less arched button layout, like the ones on madcatz sticks. I’ve never played with a madcatz stick though. I was playing with the hfs3 and noticed that i had to move my hands in uncomfortable positions to do some things in ssf4. do you think its the stick or do i need more practice?

I’ve been thinking about taking advantage of the memorial day sale on round 2 te, I’d appreciate it if i could get a reply before the sale ends.

Most people will tell you that the button layout doesn’t matter much between the Sega (used on the Hori FS3) and the Vewlix (used on the Madcatz sticks).

I’d recommend taking advantage of the NCR Memorial Day sale and getting a TE stick for the quality of the TE’s parts more so than the difference in button layout.