Question about a simple Hori mod

I’ve got the basic Wii Fighting Stick, which is presumably the same as all the low end Hori sticks.

Now I originally intended on replacing everything - the buttons, microswitches, stick, top, restrictor gate, with quick disconnects…the works.

But I decided against it because this is my first attempt at it, the Wii doesn’t have many games for this stuff anyway, and it’s quite costly to do it, seeing as though I don’t have any of the requisite tools:)

So to cut to the chase, I’ve decided to do this in stages, starting with replacing the stick itself - not the microswitches or anything like that, literally just the metal stick, as it’s starting to rust all over…

Now the problem I have is that all the tutorials I’ve come across only cover replacing everything. I want to know if I buy the “Sanwa JL-S9F Shaft” (, would this be compatible? Would I be able to just switch it out with this? Are all the metal rods built to a common industry standard?


not sure if the shaft would fit. But it seems pointless to just replace the shaft. Your paying like 6 bucks in shipping alone. Almost 9 bucks on a useless upgrade that the shipping cost more than the product!

Just save alittle more money and buy a whole sanwa stick. If your not gonna be using your stick too much. I think you’d be good with just upgrading the stick and leaving the buttons and wiring alone. Plus you should have a screw driver and a drill at your house.

ok that’s fine, but would I be able to replace the whole stick without any modding (soldering, drilling, cutting etc)?

Hori shafts are made to Hori standard which is much shorter than a Sanwa JLF shaft and also the **clip **holding the springs and actuatorin the joystick are also different in size, so its practically impossible to use a JLF in Hori joystick assembly unless you got a spare **JLF clip ** and JLF Actuator.

Check out my post:

You can see a Hori stick assembly (modded with Sanwa parts, but still have Hori Shaft and Actuator) vs a 100% Sanwa.

You **cannot ** just drop in a JLF without Modifying the Hori Mounting area and the JLF itself. It will involve cutting and drilling.