Question about 3D Fighters and 2D Fighters

I sincerely hope this doesn’t turn into one of those 2D vs 3D fanboy threads, but anyway…

I guess my question to 2D fight fans is: If you don’t play the 3D ones, why not?

(for the record, SF4 is a 2D fighting game. Only the graphics are 3D. 3D fighting games would be VF, Tekken, SC, etc.)

I play a little Virtua Fighter from time to time but I don’t like how it feels compared to GG or SFIV. I don’t like Soul Calibur, since mashing is a legit strategy in that game and it has horrible balance issues. I don’t like Tekken since the pace is just… weird. I just couldn’t get into 3D fighters, I liked em back in the day but as soon as I discovered 2D fighters (through CvS2 like six months ago ahaha) there has just been no going back for me.

No, it’s just a legit strategy against you.

Did you try to use the search function to search the threads about the 3D games?

Its a personal observation but I’m not the only one. In SC3, Kilik + his bonus weapon that was an extra couple feet longer than usual was pretty much a guaranteed win.

SC4 is a horrible game. Neither inspired any kind of long term commitment to actually learn the game because of the shenanigans… I remember a lot of problems in SC4 with hit boxes, where my weapon would pass clear through a guy, online you would get stuck in blocking and get critical finished (which were horribly done, cheesy as hell), a number of broken characters, move lists that were way too big and full of useless moves… etc.

IMO 3D fighters in general feel unresponsive and sluggish compared to 2D ones

Nobody cares

SRK = Capcom games for the most part, and those games are for the most part 2D, so it’s not shock that people talk about 2D games on this site.

If you want to talk about 3D games go to TZ or VFDC or 8WR where the communities are built around a 2D game.

People play these games here and all of those series have been at EVO and will be in the future again. But the discussion about them is usually done at the community’s main site.

I played Soul Calibur 4 a lot before SF IV.

So no, I don’t discriminate. Fighting is fighting and I love it in all of it’s forms.
If I had to choose one, I’d choose 2D however.

Yep, and the best one was a circa-2003 discussion. Excellent thread, but a different time, and a different set of players. Also, a number of the original thread’s points about 3D games have changed (e.g. distance pressure has been increased thanks to stages with limited size and walls, plus addition of long-range projectile-type moves.)

Anyway, I’m actually interested in hearing the newer players’ opinions.

@Virtuafighterfour: I’m a regular at VFDC and TZ (and in case it matters to you, I’m an '01). You’re missing the point of the thread: I’m asking why 2D fight fans are not into 3D fighters. I’m not trying to find 3D fight fans on SRK.

well, it’s not exactly shocking news. things really haven’t changed from the arcade era in this respect. there was always a percentage of players who simply couldn’t play or didn’t like 3D games for a multitude of reasons (although, strangely enough, i don’t recall ever meeting a 3D player who stuck solely to 3D games). it is what it is.


Here on FGD, there are threads about T6BR, SC4 and VF5R so there are people here who are playing the games and/or wanna play them.

I generally prefer 2D fighters for the overall speed of the game compared to 3D. Though high end 3D play can be pretty quick. I’m a huge fan of VF and Tekken, but I would rather play GG any day.

I think we’re not on the same page/misunderstanding each other here, but this is the thread that I was talking about: link

My question was for the newer 2D fight fans in particular: what is it about 3D fighters that makes you avoid them? I wasn’t looking for 3D fight fans in particular. (I’ll reword the first post. I think the way I said it is confusing)

I usually whiff too much in 3d games. Plus, I don’t like the pace or style of gameplay.

Flash. Yeah. Look, if I’m gonna pump endless hours into a game, the output better look nice to the eye.

Though I don’t deny the pure pleasure of Phoenix smashing scrubs.
Never before and after was there a move were the kowledge of half an inch resulted in 30 percent damage from a quarter circle. :lovin:

Well im gonna make it short. :stuck_out_tongue: Step right,step left and 3d fighter is done for me i cant stand that.

I take it on a game by game basis. I like SC & Tekken quite a bit, but I’ve played more well done 2D fighters than 3D fighters. But I don’t have a particular preference. My only requirement is that it’s good.

I play 3d fighters the most because I can’t QCFx2 from player 1 side. And buffering makes combos easier so I can take my mind off the execution and onto the game .

Yeah, I pretty much stopped playing SC4 after some dude perfected me and I perfected them back by mashing. I like SC, but the online is shit anyways, and I’m not going to travel to play anyone.

I use to play VF4 Evo and I even got a ps3 just for VF5. Then I got got shitted on by sega( no online play for us ps3 users), so I’ll wait for the next installment(with online play) before I play VF again.

Got Tekken Tag, played it, thought it was ok. If the online is good, I’ll pick the newest one up.

My reasons (for what it’s worth):
1 - The timing for the combos feels weird compared to 2D… (not a good reason though)
2 - way too many moves to remember per character (I know, you don’t use all of them… but then, what’s the point of having so many moves?)
3 - No fireballs, beams, aura or flashy unrealistic effects that makes you feel that your character is god-like. (I like anime shit, so…)
4 - You can’t play Jam in 3D fighters
5 - I’ve tried many times to get into tekken and VF… but I just don’t get hooked… not really sure why. I feel like I am wasting my time playing this when I could use my precious freetime to practice on Guilty Gear, CVS2, Melty Blood or even Vampire Savior/Hunter some more.
(Which are my favourite 2D fighters)
6 - Most of my friends have the same opinion as me… so not much 3D action going on here anyway.

7 - I am pretty OG, so too much love for bitmaps and 2D action! Not only for fighters but any games in general.

This can happen in any game where two people have no idea how to truly play. I assure you, high level SC play is not button mashing and winning against someone who is good, especially perfecting them via mashing is not going to happen.

On topic, I think the limitations of a 2d game is what a lot of people enjoy. The game is straight forward and usually there are a limited number of options to get out of situations in a 2d game. In 3d you have those options and side stepping, which introduces a very different element into the game. I would think that some people may not like the huge move lists that are in the games compared to 2d, this is just a thought though. I personally enjoy both, favoring 2d as it is what I grew up with.

I think this is really a fallacy though. Take SF4 for example…

neutral standing + 6 buttons. 2 throws, 1 taunt, 1 FA move. 10 total.
crouching + 6 buttons. 6 moves total.
neutral jumping + 6 buttons. 6 moves total.
angled jumping + 6 buttons. 6 moves total.
at least 1 Super.
at least 1 Ultra.

Without any specials or special normals, every character has at least 30 moves right off, not including EX variations (EX tatsu is a completely different move to normal tatsu).

If a character has different properties depending on the button pressed (Gouken’s fireballs for example), those would count as 3 additional moves as well.

So… even 2D games have a LOT of moves in them if you really look at it.

@JDR: Is SC4 worth the purchase? I used to play SC2 pretty well, but SC3 was a disappointment for me. Haven’t touched SC4 save for the demo, which really didn’t give you a clear idea if the game was great or not.