Question abotu Sanwa JLW-UM-8

Does it have the same dimensions or similar dimensions to a HAPP Competition joystick?

If I already have holes drilled out for the competition, will they not fit? Can I swap it out for the joystick in a SF Anniversary joystick?

I know I basically repeated the same thing 3 times over, but I just want to cover my bases just in case.

Thanks in advance.

The hole locations on a JLW stick are almost exactly the same as on a happ stick, you should have no problems interchanging them. I am currently using a JLW in my SFAC stick and it works great! The only thing you will need to do is use a knife or chisel to carve out a little more of the wood as the mounting plate of the JLW is slightly larger.

Also if you leave it mounted at that depth the stick will actually be extending out about a centimeter shorter than standard mounting for a jap stick, still works fine just a little shorter, if you want it to be the same height you will have to make the stick mounting spot deeper.