QUE?! Mexico wha happening ese?!


Females, no less bruvs.

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You wa shock?

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About time.

We need more mejican stories to take the heat off the whites and blacks.
Too bad it’s always about mutilating children though.

i would much rather have a black or white guy getting beat up than this happening to some child be it of any race. could you imagine being him? being held down and having your eyes torn out? having the last image of all this happening burned into your memory for as long as you live.
god help us

The article says that they ripped the boys eyes out to “Cast the demon out”. If anything, it should be “boy’s eyes ripped out in Christian ritual”. I mean, maybe if it was “Boy has prostate badly damaged after mother and aunt spooned it out in attempt to invite devil in” I’d buy it…this is just an attempt to discredit Satan. Satan prefers testicles to eyes anyway.

Talk about seeing no evil. Damn.

thats fucking creepy…

…I was just thinking about watching the movie Warlock again

Oh I don’t discriminate bruv, it’s just that some people make it way too easy.

and I agree, they are unjustly bashing Satan on this one, smh

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First of all, mass media in Mexico is completely sold out, specially the big TV companies.
That story ain’t got shit on what really happens in Mexico…

Second, that wasn’t Mexico’s fault, it’s just one of the the consequences of religious belief.
I’ll leave you with this quote:
" For good people to do evil things, that takes religion" - Steven Weinberg

the only problem i see with this is that they didn’t get a chance to complete the ritual. clearly we are going to have an earth splitting quake to deal with now.

Good point bruv


That one got me :clap:

I don’t think that boy saw anything coming…