Quasimoto Quasicade 2 Review

My Quasicade 2 Review

I’m no expert at arcade cabinets but to me the CP is of high quality. If you’re in SD, I welcome anyone interested in 2D fighting games to come to my shop and test it out. This is a fighting forum so I expect this CP to get dragged through the dirt of course :rolleyes:

Currently I’ve got an Xbox running inside it that plays all of this. :lovin:

That control panel is rubbish. It’s as if the fool who designed it just threw some buttons and sticks in the air and mounted them wherever they landed…

Even as a multi panel if fails miserably. None of the buttons look like they could be used comfortably, fighting game or not.

2 Thumbs down.:tdown: :tdown:

I remember when I was in Guam they had a SFA3 cab with the buttons slanted like that. I don’t even know how I was able to play but I did play, still it is a horrible layout.

Edit: I also would like to get a cab where I can hook up my Ps2/Xbox to it as well but a japanese cabinet to sit down on.

You should look into building a supergun cabinet like the one cigarbob built me. In addition to being wired for Jamma support it is also wired with ps2/xbox support.

man that CP is awful. i don’t think i’d be able to play anything on that thing even if the parts were all sanwa. it’s impossible to try to use the P2 stick without hitting those two buttons right beside it. it’s also looks impossible to play any game without worrying that your palms will touch the other randomly placed buttons on the panel.

yeah you fail, those controls are horrible, why do you need those ministicks anyways???:confused: :wtf:


I always wanted a japanese cabinet because I like the style and I like to sit down while I play also. I already found a pretty nice deal on a cab, just need to do some research on getting the PS2/Xbox setup to work on it.

For interfacing moded xbox1 controls you need one of these


can use the Joystick as analog and digital at the same time:lovin:
and has a time credit counter if you are going to be inserting coins.:wink:

We got tons of moded xbox arcade machines here in mexico:wink:

Did you ask for that button layout? I guess maybe you can play VF on it? I honestly feel bad that you spent all that money on it with that layout. That shit looks really wacky.

that control panel is a goddamn joke.

Yes, it’s redundant, but it needs ot be said.

I was curious so I checked out the developers site, and it doesn’t look like they offer anything but that horrible control setup. Who’d want to play double analog stick games on an arcade cabinet anyway? (Okay, besides Virtual On…)

Nah, it comes like that. It was an even trade for services- fixed and upgraded 10 of their Xboxs and 4 of their PS2s :smile:. For anyone serious with fighting games, yes the layout and extra buttons sucks balls. But for all the other MAME/CPS/NeoGeo stuff it works just fine.

The resident Capcom vs. SNK EO EO EO expert gives it a thumbs up…

omg what the fuck is that thing

its like a semi full glue crashed into a semi full of happ parts and the remains fell on a shoebox.

I saw one of those a few years back at a local billiards/amusement shop. I remember looking at the analog sticks thinking “I can’t play Halo with those.” If I’m going to shell out that kind of money to retain dual analog sticks, I’ll dig up the circuit replacing the existing Hall Effect sticks with Happ 49-way, adding multi-button trigger grips to it while I’m at it.

I wonder how much the setup is with a blank build-your-own-cp type deal. do they do that?

Looks like a lot of work went into it, so i don’t want to trash on it, but that control panel still looks like disorganized crap…

Sorry :wasted:

They make PS2 -> JAMMA adapter boards.