Quarter-Circle forward inconsistencies: QCB works fine!

I’m actually not sure if it’s my execution or my switches that are borked, but it looks like QCFs for me are inconsistent, having to ride my square gate to make it otherwise. I have zero issues doing QCBs. I’ve opened my stick a few times to install new buttons and put on stick art. It’s weird, considering in training mode, I had spent more time practicing on the left screen.

It’s a PS3 MadCatz Brawlstick.


If you’ve got stock parts in it, put in a jlf. You’ll be surprised at how much better it is.

It’s your execution. Much easier to hit the down back than down forward because your wrist doesn’t have to move as much. Stock Brawl lever is fine for the most part.

Also, don’t think of it as QCF but think of it as QSF. Quarter Square Forward. Get into the habit of hitting down, slide to the down forward corner, then slide up. Easy motion, use your gate, learn your stick.

It’s worth pointing out that diagonals (up left in particular) were finicky with the brawl lever I had.

While that may be the case, my first advice to anyone is to always work on execution first. If you know for a fact you are doing the motions right, and having problems, then check the lever. Execution is a sub-conscious thing that needs to become conscious, once you are aware, you can work on it. Once you do that, then find out where and what is going wrong, only after you are doing it right.

It’s hard to gauge whether or not your execution is good when you have a sub par lever- maybe, maybe not. Having to over-compensate leads to bad habits being programmed into your muscle memory, I have no problem recommending that someone drop $20 for known quality. Switching the brawl lever for a JLF made a huge difference for me right away.

I don’t think there is enough of a difference between a JLF and a MadCatz Brawl that basic motions would be difficult, especially when consciously taking it slow during execution. Qanba? Yeah because those really are pieces of shit. If you were talking original SF4SE then yes, I would agree, but there were improvements on the Brawl parts.

Knowing me, I’d recommend Hayabusa or JLW first and foremost before a JLF. Would say LS-40 as well but short lever or S-plate requirements.

Those would all be great as well, really any high quality lever would be an upgrade worth investing in.
I suggested the jlf because a) getting familiar with “the standard” first is probably a good idea, b) it will drop right in (whereas the hayabusa, which is close enough that it would also normally be a excellent first upgrade choice, won’t in that stick without rotating and re-arranging the 5 pin harness), and c) there are more easy mods available for the jlf than anything else on the market.
The stock brawl lever isn’t the worst of the knock offs, but I think you’re giving it way too much credit. I could see it really causing big problems his has a lower diagonal that’s as shitty as my upper left one was. Maybe you got a good one, maybe I got a bad one- I know I’ve read/watched other brawl owners who would agree that installing a jlf (and replacing the buttons, which the op has apparently already done) was a huge upgrade.

It would be different if we were talking about an expensive purchase, but $20 isn’t very much.

Just did a bunch more games (roughly 100) at locals tonight.

Seriously think that it’s not my execution. A bunch of people also tested the stick for me (definitely more experienced) and they said the same thing. Will most likely switch the lever before dual-modding.

OK, I am going to assume that when you say QCF you mean down, down-right, right since “QCF” changes depending on the direction your facing. With that said, what kind of dust washer are you using? This could be a long shot but it is a problem I recently had so I’ll explain. I was using a metal dust washer and the washer was stopping diagonal inputs pretty often. I found that the washer was only moving slightly with the stick and the stick would sometimes stop against the washer and not quite go far enough to register the diagonal. It was always worse going down, down-right-, right than the other way. After putting a piece of felt under the washer my problems went away which was ironic since I was planning on putting felt on it anyway so I didn’t get scratches after a while.

I doubt you have that particular issue unless you, or the person you bought it from (if it’s used), changed the dust washer on that brawl stick but I figured I’d throw this out there since I have had a similar issue.