Quagmire Avatar Request w/ gif

Hey, I have this Quagmire gif and was wondering if anyone could do something with it. I don’t know what you could do really, as far as text or anything, as only a really witty pun could go with an avatar like that. Just be as creative, or simplistic as you like. Any efforts are apreciated…

So can no one do anything with this?

i have a few ideas for this, so i’ll take a stab at this later. i’m a slow worker, so yeah.

i’ll try to have something up by tonight. :tup:

of course, the request is still open for anyone else.

[not so ninja edit]

here’s my first attempt (i hardly get things right on the first try):

Haha! That’s pretty creative.

Nice! Thanks! Keep working at it if you feel you can do better, though things look good already… :slight_smile:

:lol: Nice one str[e]ak… dood!

cool. glad you like it. and thanks, dood. :tup:

i’ll see what i can do to add more to it. i was LOL-ing the entire time i was making it. :rofl:

:d: that video is priceless. hahaha.


slightly longer version:

“last weekend I was the strip club, right. I had titties in one hand and titties in the other hand. I had two hands full of titties, that’s bigger than two scoops of raisins.”


“thats quagmire!!” :rofl:

Actually I quite like that. Only thing thaty bugs me is how the writing covers his face. Do you think it would be possible to move him to the left slightly without interfering with the proportion of the picture? Or some slight tweaking? It’s almost finished, I can feel it, there’s just that one little thing…

yeah, sure, no problem. if i can’t move him to the left, i’ll make the text a little smaller. :tup:

sorry for the rather late reply. i was out the entire day. i’ll have something up by tomorrow.


altered place of “giggity”:

smaller "giggity’:

:d: no problem. again, glad you like it. :cool:

Awesome man, thanks!