Yeah, so I just subscribed for a year of Qore. I figured that, as bad as it could potentially be, it would still be way better than EGM and Sucktaku and shit, so it’s worth the price.

Anyway, I’ll post impressions later and leave this as the official discussion thread for Qore content.

Okay, so the first thing I’m noticing about Qore is that it has ads. They aren’t too obnoxious or anything, but they are unskippable, which is kind of lame, since I did pay for this subscription.

The second thing is the lack of Blu-ray player (or even just video player) controls when you’re watching videos. Why is this? The PS3 software controls are good, but they aren’t being utilized here.

Yeah, I bought a year subscription too, mainly because I didn’t have calling all cars yet, the socom beta, and I figured there will be other exclusives too.

As you stated, the ads are fucking lame. They should at least let you skip them if you are watching the same thing for the second time. Content was so-so, hopefully there will be more of it in future issues.

I’m really indifferent on it at the moment, I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone at this time though. We’ll see what future issues bring.

I want to get it just for the Socom beta =\ But thanks for the warning in re: to the unskippable ads, wtf is that!

I’ll only pay for an issue if it has a cool exclusive involving RE5 or fighters.

The next issue of Qore should be out on July 3rd.

that’s what i got it for…

Lol I was reading around and uhh… the Qore Socom beta test opens up 2 weeks after the public one? 3 dollars isn’t much but the lack of info sucks.

Yeah, when is that beta anyway, would like to delete the first issue of Qore?

My take on the second issue. Better than the first, Resistance 2 looks nice, it let me skip a bunch of ads(NICE), Silent Hill looks OK. Exclusive demo’s are always nice, but this Naruto game seems pretty gay, it actually had “mash O” on the control scheme, mash?.

On the host, it’s obvious why she isn’t in movies and she can be annoying, but I would still hit it for good measure.

The game you can play by hitting L2 at the main menu is upgraded, but still sucks.

I will admit that there is still potential here, but all in all, pretty average so far.