QCFGaming High End Custom Stick Cases / Enclosures!

Hey, for those that you that haven’t heard of us, we have been making quality budget arcade sticks.

But now, we will be offering real wood, custom sticks for Sanwa / Seimitu parts in 6 or 8 button layouts with Polycarbonate top AND bottoms.

The top face fits 30mm buttons and the side buttons fit 24mm buttons.

These will cost $75 + shipping (about $10 to anywhere in the US).

If anyone’s interested, post here or PM.

I will be taking 1 or 2 orders at a time.

There are not that many wood choices offered at the moment, but I will hopefully be expanding my selection. I have Cherry, Walnut, and Maple in stock.

Turn around time will be about 1 - 2 weeks

Current Waiting List: (all 3 taking up through email)

11.5" x 9.5" x 1.75" to 2"

Clickable Pictures.

Cherry Case:

Walnut Case:

Maple Case:

Cases with holes:

I have a brand new AxisDapter, so anyone that wants a completely Wireless PS3 stick, let me know. I can take trades or money.

Thanks for looking!

Could you post dimensions and how many mm are the holes in the front of the case?


Dimensions - 11.5" x 9.5" x 1.75"

The holes on the side are recessed, I will put up better pictures later.

I’d be interested in seeing where you go with the wood selection. I’d like something like a Brazilian rosewood or African Padauk, something with a lot of red in it. I’m sure the price would bump up for something like that though.

Thanks for the bump, maybe I won’t stock up on woods such as those, but get them if someone wants them. There are other builders here that offer them as well :).

Hmm, sorry, I just realized that my prices may be too high - thanks 4lefty :).

As a result, I have lowered them to $75. Exotic woods may cost more though.

One slot is taken, one more left!

me please :slight_smile: ty

Added Walnut case - this one’s for naeht! In direct sunlight, through my window.

Just wanted to say that I’ve purchased this satek’s budget cases and they’re very nice. I can only imagine how nice a stick made out of real wood would be from him.

nice cases!

Thanks to both of you!

I’m going and opening up a slot since I am pretty much finished with naeht’s.


That’s good to hear :wgrin:

Looking forward to it!

Satek, what you made for naeht is perfect!

Nice, the 3 recessed are for buttons and the none recessed one is for a neutrik.

I added a picture of the maple case with a different layout too.

Anyways, all slots are cleared up.

I have 3 open spots if anyones interested.

God damn. Godddd damn.

Love the Astro City layout on the maple.

Curse you, international waters!

Just finished wiring up my stick

It’s got a nice feel, small and portable

Thanks Satek!

wow mannn that stick looks really nice. im so excited for my case! :smiley:

just wanna say very sick cases. i’m trying to stop buying sticks but these are really tempting lol.

After finally getting my neutrik Im able to post some pics of the other high end case (maple) from Satek.