I saw this in RXs 2nd combo vid where he QCB+Ped a crouching 12 7 canceled into a 720+P. Just wondering if this is possible :P.

First, if he did it… well, gee, I guess it MUST be possible hey? :smiley:

Yes, you can cancel a qcb+p (clap) into a 720. Normally it won’t combo, however, if they parry the clap the 720 can grab them

Although. .I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I didn’t see the vid. Can you explain more? I’m curious.

Why is that 7 there?

Probably was supposed to be an & symbol.

I think I know where you can dl the vid so that you can see it for yourself:karate:
Though for now, you can find it in ComboVideos.com

it is possible, after qcb+p pause for a half-sec or less then 720, if you see hugo walk half step then you have done it, but if you saw hugo raise his hands after qcb+p then you just cancelled it.

no need to do 720
first normal 360 then do the 180 fast
do fast 360 then normal 180