Qanba Q4raf with concave Seimitsu buttons? Where?

The Q4raf blue with all seimitsu buttons. Where can I get one? I have never seen a concave seimitsu before. Are they new or something? Looks like it is a lot button then Sanwa 30.

Where can you get one?
Google is your friend.

Are they new or something?
No, they don’t exist. Those buttons are PS-14KNs and they are convex screw in buttons. The only seimitsu button that is different is the PS-14-G/D, which have flat plungers.

No need to make a thread for every question, that’s why this thread exists:

LOL at that video. This guy, while trying to be helpful, has his information all wrong when it comes to the technical aspects of the sticks and buttons he is describing.