Qanba Q2 Joystick issues?

Hello there, I’m fairly new so go easy…

I’m inquiring about the Qanba Q2 joystick which works for the PS3 and PC, it’s an awesome arcade styled joystick and I’ve been enjoying using it on the PS3 and it even works on my PC, like it states.

However, I have a backwards compatible PS3 and when I try to play PS2 games, every game asks me to plug in the controller. I press the “home” button which is essentially the “PS” button on a regular controller but no response. I’m actually wondering since there doesn’t seem to be any notion of it anywhere, does the Qanba simply not work on PS2 titles even if you have a backwards compatible PS3?

If that’s the case, then I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what a good PS2 controller would be on a PS3/PS2 compatible machine. I’ve actually looked it up but found very little. The best one I’ve been able to find is a Universal Arcade Fighting Stick that seems to work for PS2/PS3/PC… which is fine, but I’m not sure it’s the same quality. As long as it works fine, I’m alright with it. It’s just a shame.

Frankly, I’d like to avoid customizing, and I’d like to avoid spending even more money than I have for the Qanba.

There is a Virtual Arcade Stick that seems to work for PS2, PSX and Saturn’s, which would be great to have honestly, but I’m trying to avoid using my PS2 because the PS3 seems to work fine with most of my games anyway.

Any advice would be appreciated, I’m not really much of a core gamer, but I wanted some insight if the Qanba Q2 just doesn’t work with PS2 games on a PS3 even if it’s backwards compatible. Thanks

as stock that stick is rather poor and probably you would double the cost for purchasing button and stick on top of that and still need some drilling, filing, desoldering and soldering. and if you go that route anyway then probably you better buy Joytron Paewang revolution from etokki rather than mayflash, as they look the same but Joytron even support 360 and probably only $20 more than mayflash’s price, and probably in Joytron you can later connect a JLF with less hassle if you decide to upgrade.
only downside is that Joytron has white body, and mayflash is black.

personally I find white colored plastic will turn yellow after sometime, happen to my old keyboard, my rice cooker, the handle of my hair dryer and a german made Braun alarm clock, so it will certainly happen to a chinese made plastic case

That sounds great, but does it work on PS3’s that are backwards compatible with the PS2?.. I was hoping to find something that’ll work with PS2 games on my PS3 console. So far I’ve been getting no answers on that…

It’s a hardware issue… specifically firmware.

Sony only released backwards compatible code for Hori-line joysticks.
No Hori joystick, no backwards compatibility with PS2 games (discs) on the original PS3’s.

That’s just the way it is…

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Where was this answered? I haven’t found an answer to this particular question in the FAQS. If I’m directed to it specifically then I apologize for missing it, but I came here to ask because I didn’t find it.

From the What Arcade Stick to Buy Guide