Qanba Q2 Glow

Just got my Glow today for the 360 in the mail and I was so excited to play sf4. sadly though as i was testing it out the a and x button did not work. It seems as if they were stuck or jammed. with the LEDs constantly on they would work but when it was button activated for the LEDs they would not respond. The buttons for those 2 would not work either. Please help me remedy this issue because i really don’t want to send it back and have to wait weeks for a new one which might have the same problem. Thanks everyone

how recent you got your stick

legit 2 pm yesterday… i just opened it up and disconnected one of the unresponsive buttons. i hooked up one of my old mad cats buttons from my wwe stick and it works flawlessly. i did it for both buttons after taking the qanba buttons out and put them in again they finally wanted to work again… how do i go about cleaning it

If you didn’t already void your warranty and you don’t know what you’re doing I’d get a replacement.
Otherwise take the time to gain some experience points and learn by taking apart the button and see how they work (outer shell, microswitch, top piece, top bubble, etc) I’m not using the correct terms for the pieces but you get the idea.
You might gain a level or two!
There’s only so many pieces to a button. You’ve already determined the two wires (ground and signal) work when they touch, so it’s probably the microswitch. I’m unsure of the specifics of a Qanba glow but you could potentially just replace the microswitches. Once you look at it you’ll know more. If not, post some photos and we’ll try to help.

I took it apart and blew the buttons like an old cartridge. funny thing is they decided to start working again like normal. I honestly thought opening it up would be a nightmare but it seems to not be to hard. i havent taken apart the button due to im afraid to mess with the LED but i will do that if they act up again. Thanks everyone