Qanba Q2 Glow - Modding & Other Inquiries

So, we’ve got a super smexy fight stick at an extremely good price. My question though, anyone tried modding one of these babies yet? And if you have, please, do tell about it! I’ve been meaning to pick one up when I come into some money, and dual modding is pretty important, so that’s a high priority inquiry to me.

One the other hand, if I do get one real soon and the stick is still untapped, should I just get it for Xbox since all majors and such seem to be using 360 at this point and ask my little bro to borrow my old fightstick (which, in the case of me getting a QQ2G, would be handed down to him) whenever I want to practice (since I don’t have an Xbox)?

The Q2 has the same Joystick and buttons the PDP Injustice stick has
So the same mods for the buttons and joystick should still work.

Anyone have issues with the buttons not responding or getting stuck/jammed? just got mine today and it already got jammed. any quick fixes because i really dont want to wait for a new one

1 take apart the buttons and clean them
2 investigate the micro switch in the button
3 replace button/ microswitch
4 ???
5 Proffit

I got it from amazon i mean i could return it but they wont replace it. And if i ordered a new one it could happen again. so maybe i should screw the warranty and fix it… too bad i never opened one up in my life T.T

Be careful with your ladder option… Using myself, brother, and close friends as reference… Once you pop an arcade stick open… You’ll probably start customizing everything, making your own sticks, cuddling with them, making ridiculous schematics, hating on most stock sticks and so much more.
Also, this is a good thing.

Are there any art templates for the Q2 Glow? I’d print my art on a translucent medium so that it doesn’t defeat the purpose of having a Glow, but i just kind of want to make it my own.

I read another thread saying you have to use spacers on the PDP injustice stick; true as well for the Q2? That might make modding it a bit more tedious. (Not impossible)

Also @hvu511 maybe check the button housing too?