Qanba N1 - A Decent 6-Button Portable Stick?

Just noticed this on Amazon. For something ~$60, it looks like easy swappable parts (I’m assuming Qanba’s Sanwa knockoffs). The date it was first available says it dropped a month ago (today being Jan 2015 if this thread lasts a while), so it looks to be a new product. If anything, the 6-button and compact form factor would make a good portable stick. Those suction cups = lol.

Edit: Changed the title name as it was pointed out and I finally noticed that the wire tucks into the front part of the joystick. Props to FreedomGundam for having better eyes than I had yesterday.

Only thing is - wireless. :frowning: but yes, affordable. Although for that price I would just spend the extra $10 to get that new Mayflash that can be easily swapped to real Sanwa parts*

*Corrected because I can has reading abilities?

Actually that info is wrong, the new v2 Mayflash does not have Sanwa Parts. It is only advertise the stick is compatible with Sanwa Parts.

If I’m not mistaken, that stick isn’t wireless. The cable stores in the front.

The new Mayflash doesn’t have Sanwa parts in it. It takes Sanwa parts, but doesn’t come with them.

Yeah, I just read that. I’ll make that correction on my post. I did a speed read of that thread XD

You’re right. I glossed over this image:

OP edited to reflect this.

I want that thing just to stick on my car window like a “Baby on board” sign.

Good for tailgating, perhaps. I certainly wouldn’t use it for anything else.

I think what my real recommendation is - build a poverty stick. Way more original, plus you get to enjoy the experience of building a stick. You’ll appreciate that stick a lot more than a budget stick lol.

Define “poverty stick” for us please.

Tupperware container.

USPS shipping box or power-tool box beats Tupperware container in the “poverty stick” department.

^ all of the above. Also a friend of mine used a Tupperware box with a clipboard for the top panel, it was pretty boss. All in all I think he spent less than $50. I need to get pictures of it.