Qanba Drone restrictor gate mod question

Does anyone know what which gate will fit the stock stick in the Qanba drone? I wanna replace the stock 4 way gate that came with it, with an 8 way, but i can’t find one that fits.

It already has a 8 way gate. Square gates are 8 way.
If the gate was four-way you would not be able to hit diagonals.

I guess I should’ve reworded my question. What i’m looking for, is an octagonal gate that fits the stock stick, to replace the current square gate that’s in it.

Assuming it is the designs that Qanba been using which is a clone of the JLF, then it takes Sanwa JLF gates.

Well, I’ve got a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor gate, and it doesn’t fit the stock stick for the Qanba Drone.

Got any pictures of this joystick?

There are no replacement gates for the joystick found in the Drone.

You can either choose to get used to a square gate or you can upgrade the joystick to a compatible Sanwa or Seimitsu.

Thanks for the advice. i ordered the recommended replacement joystick today.