Q:Standing roundhouse launcher?

Can anyone list the methods used to launch juggles with standing roundhouse other than on hugo and alex? I know ive seen one mid screen for shotos that involves a far fierce somewhere too, and i saw nitto trying to launch a chun with it a few times while pressuring.

00.27 sec


If you’re really close(after pressure or after juggling f.mk), or if you’re good at one frame links(after st.mp, st.hk you cr.mp), you can cr.mp to anything after the roundhouse in anyone (I’m guessing that the one frame link is not possible on oro and twins, due to distance)

In the corner after you connect a roundhouse a far fierce is universal. Not worth it to use midscreen imo.

like n8dmn said, far fp is universal, and pretty much the only thing i really use if i do happen to land a s.rh in the corner. I don’t really look to launch them with s.rh… theres better… i only do once in a blue moon for additional mix-up and unpredictability.