Q Capture and blow corner infinite/reset?

Just something I noticed while I fooled with Q on third strike for the Xbox. I noticed you can C&B in the corner, Jump up with a lk or lp and you get a guaranteed C&B as soon as they land, and you can repeat the process. Not sure whether to call this an infinite or a reset, and I am not entirely sure if this thing is legit especially in the arcade version since I tried this on the Xbox version. Also not sure if you can even land this thing in tourney play.

They can jump out or use anything with invincibility on it. It’s a one way ticket to Shoryu-land.

first of all you dont get a garunteed C&DB. they will and can jump out of it or do any instant wake up. doing tactics like that will make you eat any jump in combo, wakeup, or superart.

Someone tried to do that infinite on me. When I hit the ground I activated Gigas. :wow:

I understand how it can backfire with a super art, but I dont understand how they can jump out of it after you C&BD them and air poke them when they’re in the falling animation, which knocks them into air recovery animation, then repeat C&BD. hmm.

It’s easy. All they have to do is press up.

There isn’t any air recovery when landing off a reset.

if you hit up you can’t be thrown even if its frame perfect timing on the C&DB, otherwise you’d have unescapable traps with command throw characters.

That’s fucking stupid, and it’s not infinite or un-escapable.

Better shit:

CDB in corner, jumping lp reset, Deadly Double. Hurts alot.

CDB in corner, lp dash punch, B.HP reset. Lotsa stun, instant mixup situation afterwards.

Goddamnit I need to get back on 'Live and show these Q scrubs what’s up.

Damn, the first one sounds nasty. I hardly know any combos with Q - I rely solely on his kara throw. Hopefully by the time my competition learns how to stay out of range I’ll have learnt a few combos.

Whats a good combo to do with Q if you parry an anti air while jumping in?

Whats a good thing to do on tiny characters like Oro e.g. sometimes he does the chicken kick and I block. Obviously I can super if I have the bar, but when i dont (and Oro lands quite near) I’ve tried mk xx EX bitch slaps but Oro is low enough to miss a few.

Sorry for the random questions in this thread :bgrin:

That’s actually a really good thing. Q’s kara throw is evil.

Capture Deadly Blow, EX Dash Punch, HK then free taunt.

If you have the meter, SAII.

If you don’t have time to CDB, close MK xx super, or xx Lp slaps, or xx EX dash into big boot (HK).

EX is a bad idea cause alot miss, but it sucks anyway (not worth the meter in most cases). lp slaps will hit them.

You can still do MK to EX dash after landing from an air parry? Does that charge have to be partitioned or will the engine allow me to keep the charge even though I put a forward parry in there?

Why is EX slaps generally bad? Things I can think of are (1) Easy to punish on block (2) No SA if using SA2 (3) I haven’t seen it being used in high level matches

The reasons I resort to using it are (1) score a knockdown (2) Good stun (3) combo with MK when I dont have charge (4) Very fast startup (5) Still haven’t faced many players who punish me badly after blocking it…

Though I guess (5) is the reason I’m still so scrubby…

Ooops on my part. You’re right. Though it may be possible through partitioning.

Well, the reason it’s not that great is because meter is very important to Q. Generally speaking, the damage just doesn’t justifiy EX slaps. I’m not saying never use them, just sparingly. I mean, come on, they are pretty satisfying to watch lol.

But yeah in most cases you’d be better off using the meter for an EX dash combo for more damage and a taunt. Use the LP slaps instead because they are -relatively- safe on block (some characters can punish fairly easily example Ken SAIII), but vs. most ppl it’s pretty safe.

Yeah like I said, in certain situations, it’s not a bad option. If I had say, a meter and a half or more of SAI, and I had a punishment situation but no charge, hell yeah.

If I’m facing scrubs, I often do it for appeal factor, cause it looks so damn cool.

Outside of that though he has better options.

Hey man just remember Q is relatively easy to use guy. Not easy to win with, but easy to use. Kara throw and poking is probably the most important elements of his game to get down, once you got that, the CDB setups and mind games are all just icing to your game.

He’s a BIG fuckin’ change up from Akuma, though. WAY different play styles. You go from a constant rushdown character to a mostly turtle character (though I play a semi-rush Q).

Hope that helped.

Yeah thanks for that man.

Q kinda suits my style in a weird kind of way. The best bit is being able to sit in the corner and just block everything without fear of getting crossed up. Plus its helpful to analyse how your opponent gradually changes up his rushdown to break through your defence. Its definitely helped in my Akuma game as well - at times I go into super down back mode where I’ll just try and block everything you’re throwing at me rather than trying to parry or teleport out. Major major difference though is how Akuma can get crossed by lots of characters, plus he can’t REALLY afford to sit there and block everything the way Q x 3 taunts can…

But I enjoy playing Q. You can try messing around with him without getting slapped about too much :bgrin:

Could I get a little extra detail with this reset? I was trying it in practice mode against Ryu and the SAII missed half the time.

It’s demonstrated in this video:


I dunno why half the time it misses. Which strength C&DB should I use?

Always Roundhouse for the corner reset.