PyroLee leaves EVO in ambulance

now its a party

:eek: WTF???:confused: :eek:

How in the world did this happen?:eek:

wtf? Hope he’s okay…

Rumor is that he od’ed.

OVERDOSING hotdogs or what?

Well, I saw him and he wasn’t passed out or anything, but yea rumor is he took to much pot. But I don’t know, he’s kinda weak if he throws up to pot. I would sooner believe food poisoning. I saw enough when he had to turn away and blow chunks in front of the paramedics.

How far did he get in the tourny? I hope he wasn’t in the top 8 and can’t play :E

he ate some bad burger king.

kill it. :confused:

Overdose on weed? Uh…right…