Putting .mov video in WMM

I recorded some matches with my panasonic digital camcorder, which puts film together with a .mov extension. I’d like to edit this in windows movie maker, but to do that I’ll have to change the file type. I changed the extension to several differnet wmm acceptable extensions, such as .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, but when I put the files in windows movie maker, all I get is the audio. Curiously enough though, the picture of the clip in the margine above the timeline is from the video itself. After I change the extension, I’m able to watch the clips in windows media player. Anyone know how I can get the video working in wmm, or suggest another method?

Sounds like your camera is recording in QuickTime format (.mov). Changing the file extension is not enough to convert a file from one format to another. If Movie Maker won’t accept your files as is then you’ll need an application to convert/encode them into another format like avi, mpg etc. I would also check your camera’s settings to see if it has other options for saving the files. That would be considerably easier than re-encoding everything.