Putting Michigan Back on the map!

Man, after wizards closed down most of the Mvc2 players left this world. Disassembled. Very few of us are left in Michigan. But there was a spec of hope. Planet X gaming center which has Mvc2,Cvs2 arcades and Online computer game play like: Counter Strike. But soon the players stop goin to this new place that’s been open for about 6 months now, but I’m not here to tell u a story. I’m here to put Michigan back on the map. VDO is one the most skilled players in Michigan especially when it comes to lowtier, but lowtier doesn’t cut it anymore. I hate to say it. So I’ve decided I’m going to have a tournament in Mvc2 ,Cvs2, 3rdstrike ,Gulity Gear any old streetfighter and whatever other game that requires a fist at Planet X. This is a open invitation to anyone in Michigan, not from Michigan, I don’t care if your from another universe, please by all means come. If you think your the best at any of these games especially Mvc2, I definitely look forward to playin you. I haven’t set up the date yet, because of existing tournaments I need to go to. If you have some ideas on a good date. Let me know. If you don’t know me, great. I’m just a Mvc2 player that plays everything. Here are some match vids from Team StrateCheese:

Flapp vs. Jon B. Match 5
Flapp vs. Jon B. Match 2
Mikeheart vs. Jon B. Match 1
Mikeheart vs. Sam

Just some Mvc2 stuff on youtube. Also,type in OmegaRed999 in the search bar and go to date added for more matches and combovideos that I have posted. Now you know me.

So I’ll be keeping this site inform of my tournament, if you have any questions, comments,dislikes of Team Stratacheese’s matches, combos,whatever. IM me sofly8143 aim or post on this thread or email me at omegared000999@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time. Can wait to play ya!

The only reason I haven’t been to Planet X in a while is school, at that may be the same for quite a few people. It had a ton of business over the summer on freeplay fridays at least. My guess is it’ll pick up again for Christmas break, or even Thanksgiving weekend.

O Fo sho 3s can mos def be in the building. Lets keep it pushin’.

I might enter this tourney if once I know the specifics (date etc.) I’m still fairly new (bad) at fighting games and can not play with a stick to save my life but it’s worth a try!

I’m down for it. I know a couple of guys who would be too.


I’m down

I’ll all about this shit. After Xmas, I’ll have some time and money on my hands. Should we do bi-weekly gatherings and/or monthly tournies at Planet-X? I don’t see any other place that will support console AND arcade as much. We really don’t need DR there. :lol:

I don’t go to Planet X anymore because I don’t play those games, unfortunately. Tekken DR used to be there, but now that it’s taken out, it’s given me less reason to go (actually, no reason).

If there’s ever a tournament @ Planet X and if I have the time to make it up (work, night classes, and g/f take up the majority of the time), I’ll certainly come up and watch/help out. I’ve always enjoyed watching MvC2 and CvS2 (I understand how the game plays), so I don’t mind supporting the scene by being an audience. There isn’t much of a Tekken scene left in MI (I only play once a week/every other week, as well as others probably), and without anyone remotely interested in getting into this game and/or having a desire to get better, it’s just going to get worse. I’m getting to the point where I do the same stuff all the time, but I’m happy that I get to play the game with others and try out stupid stuff to win. :slight_smile:

I’m interested, especially with the old Street Fighters (I hope that includes the Alpha series). What about Street Fighter 1, lol.

Also, where exactly is Planet X? I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me.

Here some directions.


What game is ur specialty?

the game that is my specialty is Street Fighter Alpha 2 (or the alpha series in general) but i’m also good at X-men vs. SF, MvC1&2, CvS2, ST, and 3rd Strike.

im game

Are there any dates set for a tournament there? It’s really close to where I live, so getting there would be no problem for me.

When I get back from the Canada Orbit tournament Dec.16, I should have a date as well as makin this tournament a regular weekly or monthly thing at Planet X. I just need to get a lot of people that play and a good day that everyone either getting off work or don’t work at all. So if anyone have any ideas. Either post here, private message me, email me at omegared000999@yahoo.com, IM at aim sofly8143, myspace me, whatever, at anytime. But let’s do this. Michigan is back! Oh ya check out the preview of my new vid if u haven’t hopefully already seen it.

Flapp’s Combo Video Vol.3
Wait to u see the stuff I do. Peace.


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