Put up or Shut up! Results! 8/15

ok first i would like to say thanks to everyone for making it out its greatly appreciated, thanks especially for those who helped run the tourny, Jason, Justin, Ka-luen, Nick, Brian, and Tony I couldn’t have done it without u guys

anyway there was some issues with the brackets as it seemed to ignore regional seeding, sorry guys I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.

also next time expect a bigger venue!

anyway here are the results congrads to placers!

Tekken 5 DR ( the send off tourny!)

22 entrants! not bad for a dead game lol

  1. Lingmassacre - Ling - Ithaca
  2. Joey Fury - Marduk, Jack-5, Law - Buffalo
  3. Ofdp? - Marduk, Brian - Cortland
  4. Polish_Mafia - Nina - Syracuse
  5. Shinjoker - Nina - Buffalo
  6. St.Waffle - Hwaorang - Buffalo
  7. phunnykidd - Kazuya - Ithaca
  8. Zzy - King - Ithaca
    9 Akazukin Cha Cha - Christie - Buffalo
  9. jhonda - Ganryu - Syracuse
  10. ZTS - Lee - Syracuse
  11. e1j1 - Lee - Syracuse
  12. Mastapopo
  13. Snackpack
  14. ivan
  15. xelnaga
  16. Blueflamingo
  17. gl0ry
  18. Keno
  19. Damus
  20. n00b_killer
  21. jon vargas

Street Fighter 4

52 entrants!

1: jug aka Guyofkaillera - Gouken - Buffalo
2: blackheart - Boxer - Syracuse
3: gl0ry - Dictator, Ryu- New Hartford
4: Grifter - Gouki - Rochester
5: Black and Red - Honda - Buffalo
5: dirtyvallian - Sagat - Syracuse
7: Joey Fury - Boxer - Buffalo
7: jhonda - Honda - Syracuse
9: Polish_Mafia - Ken- Syracuse
9: jon vargus - Ryu - Albany
9: Daikon - Blanka - Buffalo
9: ZTS - Seth - Syracuse
13: Rsnake
13: Akazukin Cha CHa - Cammy
13: JJ
13: e1j1
17: zerofxi
17: solidsnake
17: blueflammigo
17: Nunie
17: pescar
17: wangzor
17: Kevin Spears
17: baku
25: Angel
25: jblaze
25: nuez
25: nyecie
25: zelinx
25: ivan
25: lexean
25: vang
33: Nickpsi
33: joey vargus
33: Mastapopo
33: mochaky
33: arctic fox
33: mash brown
33: xelnaga
33: phunnykidd
33: cretin
33: Ofdp?
33: blahsyou
33: Fattypomeloboy
33: kevin
33: antaeus
33: Damus
33: blaze
49: wicked cake
49: virsago
49: rikuto
49: drso

Soul Calibur 4

9 entrants, top 2 split pot

  1. Dreamkiller - Amy - NYC
  2. Ramon - Sophy - NYC
  3. Akazukin Cha Cha - Tira, Maxi - Buffalo
  4. Kowtow Robinson - Cervy, Cass - Buffalo
  5. Rikuto - Rochester
  6. Nuez - NYC
  7. Zzy - Ithaca
  8. Damus - Syracuse
  9. Angel - Syracuse


28 entrants the bracket was on paper so I’ll post full results later

  1. Grifter - Noel - Rochester
  2. Zzy - V-13 - Ithaca
  3. gl0ry - Ragna - New Hartford

Great Tourney man, it was great seeing NY state show up in force!


looking forward to the next one!

cha cha

yea good shit; 52 people for a turnout; not bad

and 2nd place in my second tournament; not bad

working on my experience

ggs everyone

b- lo baby

Thanks for running this! Can’t believe I fought nu 3 times without having a nervous breakdown.

jiorio mentioned in the Roch thread that the other placing BB players were on XBL? Please feel free to add me. Same for anyone who’s up for BB/HDR/SF4.

Rochester guys have been running weekly meets at a nice LAN center on Saturdays if people are interesting in a short trip over.

grifter you’re that asian akuma player right?, if so you’re pretty damn good, lets us (me and cha cha) know when you guys are gonna have a live saturday and we might come down its not too far for us.

btw bonus kun is the main

mann we have 52 fuckin SF players, POST THE HYPE and ShOUT OUT kids. This event ain’t gonna hype itself.

shout outs-

to myself, for being so fuckin sweet…at everything.

and my crew, for owning so hard… at everything

and to Kyle for bringing upstate together to play at a pizzahut, you evil genius!

(you owe me slices next time!)

yeah that was me, who were you?

are you syracuse guys posting all the vids you took?

i’ll try to put up the videos tomorrow. i wasnt able to do any of that yesterday or today but tomorrows all free for me, so i’ll see what i can do with the stuff.
also, i might not know some of the people who played the matches so if someone is able to help with that send me a message or something.

gg to all the players who participated btw, especially to the top 3.
it was a fun first tournament for me(even if i did place last)

Too bad there wasn’t enough time for the 5 on 5, I really wanted to prove CNY really has the overall best SF community.

lol over Buffalo? I didnt see any CNY speaking up when we were looking to get it done. But I somehow knew someone would grow dem internet balls and speak up after.

Next tournament, don’t just say it- PROVE IT.(Buffalo eliminated itself more than anyone beat us, sorry)

…and no, you don’t have the better overall community.

But whatever, tell yourselves what you need to in order to keep your scene going. We stick by our 30 man crew and 20 man(average) game nights to stay strong as a community.

Can’t wait to play CNY/Upstate again anyways, was good times.

FUCK NO. and i would love to see this 5v5 next time. buffalo has the best SF community hands down. we meet up weekly at our game nights, and we hang outside of game nights. we are a very tight crew. u cant get better than that.

You do realize there was no time. It’s as simple as that. After grand finals and pay out there was about 10 minutes before everyone was going to be kicked out. It’s not our fault. We just ran out of time. Don’t be so grumpy about it Cha Cha.

I really don’t care and want to make a scene out of it but outside of Jug what Buffalo player took down any CNY player? I lost to CNY, J. Honda lost to CNY, gl0ry lost to CNY, Blackheart lost to JUG, and so did PolishMafia. We have 6 people in the Top 10 you have 4. We have 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and you have 1st, 5th, 7th, and 9th. Also gl0ry already beat Jug at Rumble 2. I dunno where you think it’s so cut and dry you have a better community. I mean I suppose you have a more commited community, that’s for sure but bigger doesn’t mean better.

To tell the truth there probably wont be another time anyway. Tekken 6 comes out in 2 months and basically I don’t plan on playing any SF at all and niether does most of CNY. So could of, would of, should ofs, will have to do.

Actually Jug sent polish to loser’s and i eliminated him. Both of us Buffalo.

You asked for any buffalo player that took down a CNY player besides Jug, there’s one.

Oh, and are you zerofxi (sorry if you’re not just goin’ by the zero)? Cuz then if i’m not mistaken i think rsnake (Buffalo) beat you. Just another example. But honestly, I don’t really care about this community superiority argument cuz i’m not really a big part of buffalo’s scene at all. Whatever, I think both have their share of strong players. We should leave it at that!

Anyway, I’ll rape you all when T6 arrives! Count on it!

you guys talk way too much shit and take games way too seriously lol

too bad I’ll moving to florida this week, i would have loved to have played this tournament without tons of hydrocodine and no sleep on my side. what can you do I guess. the only person that impressed me like crazy was justin aka lingmassacre, that guy is undoubtly fucking awesome at his game. Props to him for not only being amazing but also a really cool guy to talk to. Hope you can make it to final round this year so we can play t6 together!

good meeting a few of you, rsnake i talked to you for a bit… stop playing online the shit is a fuckin joke and you know this! zzy good shit on running the tourney you are a cool ass dude, I didnt see you play in any fighting game but I know you are good at what you do. Mr. Mark Kiley, great seeing you again and i’m glad we got to play some casuals in tekken, you are still a cool ass dude. the other people that helped run things good shit minus whoever made the tekken bracket. Albany could have played each other at home imo without driving a few hours to do it.

again sorry i wasnt my usual self, anyone that knows me knows im loud obnoxious and hype but I just couldnt do it in the condition i was in. surgery on weds so after that i’ll be all gravy wherever i play.

lol ill keep on playing online but player only matches for now on. champ mode and rank mode is godlike of BULLSHIT of flowchart kens and random abusers, and lag switchers. so yea. add me on PSN Rsnake91. im down for games anyime. my aim is soulr34v3r9119. keep in touch on aim or on here. i still need to nazi the Ryu threads still… fucking noobs… defiantily nice meeting you, as well. hahah i have a good memory i guess, then again the premo threads are funny as hell, and good shit. lol

i’ll be the first to admit that i placed horrible but i only lost to buffalo guys( jug being one of them) so its no big deal. CNY you guys are def not someone to sneeze at. you guys have some really decent players ( shout out to glory and blackheart) but when it comes to livest, hypest overall top players super awesome crazy rolling deep crew… buffalo got ya beat man.

anyways i like the internet drama keeps things interesting for next time. we all basically show respect to each other so in my eyes its all good


Good stuff to all the placers. The SF4 tourny and DR tourny had lots of great matches.

It was good to see everyone from Albany and Buffalo back from the DR days, and good to see a lot of new faces as well.

Whenever everyone is planning a large get together, post up and let us all know so we can keep playing and getting better.

sleepyzero = ZTS of course!

j honda

Yea i had a great time at the tourney, minus 2 incidents of mad unsportsmanship their overall everyone was mad chill and had a great time. Thanks for putting up with all the craziness Kyle and justin who ran the bb brackets.(he was looking ticked lol)

And i guess i found my new rival Grifter, sent me to loosers in 2 games, early on in BB, and in the quarter finals in SF.

Was great meeting such a big community in my first actual tournament.


Hey guys, great tournament, congrats to everybody, including the top 3. Jug, good job man, you got paid! Blackheart, thanks for the tips. Gl0ry, well, we didn’t talk a lot but next time things might go differently, good game.

Buffalo definitely brought the noise and placed well, great job guys. To everyone else that attended, that was some serious competition, and I had a lot of fun.

Also big ups to all my fellow Honda players, especially jhonda. Anybody who said they wanted to hit me up for some XBL games feel free to add me. ggs to everyone I played in the tourny.

Oh and Joey - Zerofxi is one of our players, so it was Buffalo eliminating Buffalo again - and the only surefire way to take us out.
To the rest of NY - don’t just give up on SF! We’ll see you at Rumble in the Tundra 3.