Pushing buttons

I don’t understand, after practicing a lot - since SF4 launched, how to push buttons. I always am running into negative edge…when I plink is an easy link followed by random whatever or nothing. When I option select is similar.

What is the mindset for pressing buttons…I relearned while practicing Decapre and don’t press hard anymore…but a bandaid on my finger + slide is easy hands. (is there anything else to help slide?) am thinking those rubber fingers but idk…know jub used a glove but prefer easy. When I did piano would get a plink and then EX that I didn’t want. Not only 5x press…I fail on 1-2 frame links so often because get negative edge after when I plink, usualy random EX move, or nothing.

I practice combo forever…but many get it quick…there must be some musical/mentality that allows for better execution. I have not seen anything abt buttons and that seems key. If I hit all combos I win…i miss I get punished and momentum lost.

I was having a lot of issues with negative edge, I didn’t even know what it was until I asked here.

To avoid getting it when I didn’t want it on certain moves I started holding the button down and not releasing it until my move executed.

I can’t help with the sliding issue, since I piano to avoid finger damage. :slight_smile:

Nah. Don’t hold buttons down. You’re both having issues because you’re holding the buttons down to long. I do the same thing when I get lazy. Tap them quick. Don’t hold them down at all. Then you won’t get specials after normals when you’re trying to do links, and it also works as it’s intended better. Negative edge is like a free double tap or plink for special attacks and it works best if you tap the button quickly. It helps you if you press the button to cancel to early, just like a plink helps you if you hit your link to early.

I can do some combos by holding down…but my outputs are random because I don’t…ex is messed up for sure.

I only ask because have been practicing 6 weeks at press and release in 1 frame. yet still get random out put so 3-5 frames. and still miss inputs. I can hang 1500pp, but when did it regular was 3-4 k and am getting blown up…a confidence issue.

depends on the link cancel. with ibuki I want to plink into about 7 moves. cammy is similar and I have her moves down from 20 k matches and tons training mode from release till her dive kick nerf.

If youre having negative edge problems either you buttons are trashed or youre holding them down too long. A button press is the same as any game.

But maybe a problem youre really having is youre focusing on combos and option selects, dont do that. Start back at the basics and just master pressing buttons and when not to press buttons.

i hold buttons down to prevent a negative edge. With Juri a common combo if I have metter is to poke with cr. mk if it hits I continue holding mk down while I cancel the cr. mk into lk pinwheel,red focus cancel the pnwheel into whatever I have meter for. By holding down mk it prevents mk pinwheel from coming out since the two hits of lk pinwheel do more damage than the first two hits of mk or hk pinwheel. With damage on the line it’s better not to risk it.