Push button for the Xbox Guide button? Sugesstions and help needed

Ok fellow gamers and Modders I’m almost done with my padhack but I need some help and suggestions. How are you guys wiring up the guide button on the Madcatz fightpad PCB? All my other soldered buttons work through my test with a micro-switch with a wired ground and positive. When I put the wire in the strip barrier for the guide button nothing happens.

The Start button works well etc. I was wondering maybe a push button is not the right button to power the guide so my question is what have you guys used? If you do use a push button do you hold down the push button or something for the guide to come up? Other than this everything is working out. I just put a order in for a I-Pac VE for my Ultrastik 360 joystick to work with my padhack. I will soon post pics once done. Thanks for nay help here.


all the button does is connecting the gound and signal together. The problem might be something else. Can you take the picture of your PCB and wires?

I solder the guide the way it is in the padhack tut I seen from here. Strangely everything else work just fine. I will take some pics tonight though.

Now I have a question? What is the right solder spot for the guide button? One tut says it’s the small dot on PCB above the spot that look like you should solder and one tut showing it is soldered in that spot that looks like all the other solder point which we solder that are source over ground.

How are you checking to see if it works? Have you tried it plugged into your 360?

When I did my padhack, I was using windows to see if the buttons were working. The guide button doesn’t show up as a button in windows, but it does work when plugged into the 360. This could be your problem.

I’m testing the buttons off xbox 360. I load the game with my remote and test with the padhack. All my other buttons work from the tuts except the guide. The turbo button I have to press a action button at the same time I press it for the turbo to work much like using the fightpad. If I can fix this problem then my buttons are complete. Like I mention above. WHat are the right solder points? The little dot part or the part with the signal and ground?

I just soldered my guide button wire on my fightpad directly to the contact just like the other buttons. If you’re trying some alternate point, you might give it a go.

Yeah I would like to know that alternate solder spot.

With a multimeter you could try to follow a trace.

Thanx I might try that. My other alternative would be to just use my xbox 360 remote to bring up the guide. It’s not really important but I did want to use up all the push buttons I have. Also any ideals for rocker switches guys??

What do you mean? A rocker switch is a good option for switching which pcb is active in a dual-mod setup. You need a DPDT switch.

Thanks. You help answer question. I drilled 4 holes in the front of my Pelican Real Arcade Joystick and put 2 rocker switches for options,1 small push button for the turbo function and 1 push button for the guide button.

Originally I wanted the rocker switch for the turbo function and the other for the LEDs power up like cutting on the lights. I have 2 side push buttons for side triggers for pinball games. They are wired with the LB and RB push buttons. Both are blue translucent and have blue LEDs behind them. Nice touch. So I am up for ideals for the extra switches:lol:.


Seems like a lot of trouble to go though for something that I can’t imagine you use much. One of the reasons I like customs more than the TE sticks is because I can leave off that turbo nonsense.