Purposely broken/OP characters

So, most people should know what Ono (insert forced Meme troll name here) said about AE:

This makes sense when you look at Sentinel in MVC3, or let’s say Raiden and K’ in KOF13, and etc. What reasons can you think of that the Jap devs would make such and such character(s) better than the others, aside from oversight? My guess is that they like to encourage a challenge. Super has pretty good balance, but who do you mostly see in use in tournies? Still the same top characters with few exceptions such as Gamerbee’s Adon. I also think it comes down to the Dev’s deciding which characters are going to be really good and used in high level play that will appeal to tournament players, and which characters would get used most in casuals.

It’s a F.O.O. Strategy.

You can read more about F.O.O. Strats in fighters and stuff in this article that was posted here a bit ago.

Sshh - whisper it, ALL TIERS ARE ACCIDENTAL. Fact: Capcom don’t design any tiers. In fact, they try to eliminate them. In a good game, one character having an advantage is just something that happens randomly. It’s never known by anybody at the time of release.

Sentinel is a big fucking robot, I expect him to be big and strong. Storm is supposed to be like… a storm, she should be able to move quickly and unpredictably.

Roll was designed to be a house keeper, I don’t expect anything from her in a fighting game except to get back in the kitchen.

rufus is a fat person I do not at all expect him to move quickly wtf capcom you are ruining my experience

The bold is incorrect though. Much of tiering is accidental, but things like SF4 Vanilla’s Sagat, Vega, or Dan ( 3s’s Sean… CS Rachel/Litchi ) are not entirely accidental. Despite the common opinion, video games developers aren’t total idiots.

Morrigan is a succubus, so she’s to fuck all the cast up.

I think I figured it out dude. The Devs behind MVC3 knew that tons of new people would be playing and get mindfucked by the chaos. So they added Sentinel, an easy character that deals huge damage with little effort to satisfy the nubs. Makes sense when you think about it.

A slightly more likely scenario:

Sentinel was added late in the dev cycle and as a result he didn’t benefit from as many iterations as the other characters. Sent being OP is just one of the many, many signs that this game didn’t have much time in beta. I seriously doubt the amount of bullshit in MvC3 was intentional, just the result of company resources being used elsewhere.

On the other hand, seeing where Capcom is heading, it’s a wonder this game is as complete as it is.

Firstly; bad-ass Coffin Joe avatar. Awakening of the Beast is my favorite film with him. Embodiment of Evil was bad ass too.

Secondly; I don’t doubt with what you’re saying, especially considering all the bugs people are finding. But it’s hard to imagine that they overlooked his 5 hits into Super doing 50% damage, and he can follow up with another super or launcher if he’s got you in the corner.


Nothing about sentinel in MVC3 was an oversight. Devs do intentionally make easier and harder to use characters in their fighting games - its part of character design process.

then what about Ivan Ooze? EXPLAIN THAT SHIT!

or Momo in Project justice. shes still in my nightmares

For Ivan ooze, the developers most likely didn’t bother reworking his moves for competitive play [too time consuming and I sincerely doubt anyone on the entire production team actually gave a shit about competitive play anyhow] so they just made his cheap-ass boss-mode version playable…as a secret character no less. Treat him like Akuma in SF2Turbo.

Don’t know a thing about Project Justice, sorry :frowning:

Related note: Not all developers act the same when it comes to character creation. Some [like capcom, at least for the most part] actually give it some thought, but not all. Happens.

I feel like he was just talking out if his ass tbh. Purposely broken to make challenge? Even if he is serious and its done on purpose, that doesn’t even make sense. The challenge comes from people playing it out in a fair as possible field using whatever methods they enjoy.

Developers will always be inclined to let popular and/or marketable characters with solid move sets be “too good” than niche or gimmick characters. If Sentinel was bad bringing him over from MvC2 would be silly. If Yun and Yang were bad in AE that version of the game would have almost no point to it for tons of people. If 3rd Strike Chun was bad that game’s biggest marketability gain would be for nothing. If KoFXIII’s K’ team was bad, who knows how much would change.

That doesn’t mean you intentionally make them overpowered, but it means you are less vigilant in avoiding the possibility than a character like Twelve with weird tools and no existing fanbase or charisma.

And Sentinel has personality? Most people know of Sent from the X-men cartoon. If what you’re saying is true, then wouldn’t Magneto and Storm be super amazingly good? They’re good and probably would place high, but by themselves are they as good as Sent? Not really.