Punkpc's BUY/SELL/TRADE Thread (Updated 3/23/2011) Namco's Sold, Buttons, ect

Welcome to my BUY/SELL/TRADE Thread.

All Items include shipping via FedEx ground (unless it is a small item) with tracking info (and email conformation if you give me you email after payment)

All payments must be via PayPal.

Trades are always possible!
Even if I don’t state I’m looking for it, just let me know what you got… you never know.

Things I’m looking for…

Sticks & Controllers:
Neo Geo - Pad Controllers - PS2
HSS-0130 (Prefer 6 or 8 button layout, but open. Can be complete or no buttons, pcb, or sticks)
Real Arcade Pro V3 SA - PS3
Saturn or Dreamcast TwinStick (Virtual On Stick)
Mayflash stick

Samurai Showdown Anthology
King of Fighters 2000 & 2001
King of Fighters 2002 & 2003
(Import) King of fighters 2001

Project Leo v2 x1
Neo Geo JoyPAD Converter by ToToTEK
Genesis/MegaDrive JoyPAD Converter by ToToTEK
T5 or HRAP1/2/3 Shell (unmodded or painted) (Don’t need PCB, buttons, stick, or panels)
TE Shell and panel (Don’t need PCB, buttons, or joystick)
Wood box like QCF, soujistiks, etc. Cases (8 Button layout) prefer maple or something where you see the wood grain.

What I have…


**(Yes I have 2 of these for sale)
Namco PS1 NPC-102 Traded to networkingyuppyfor Neo Geo PS3 Pad
Stick is in near mint, but sorry no box

Namco PS1 NPC-102 Sold to afierymisfit
Stick is in near mint, but sorry no box



Sanwa Buttons $3 Shipped each ($14 shipped for 6 buttons or $18 shipped for 8 buttons)
All pulled from brand new Madcatz sticks
14x White

Sanwa Balltops $3 Shipped each ($2 each additional)
All pulled from brand new Madcatz sticks
5x White

PCB from a Microsoft X360 Wireless Controller $20 Shipped** Or Best Offer.**
Pulled from a Cracked Shell but still fully working Microsoft X360 wireless controller.



Also have this stuff as well…

Will ad more later…

Sold/Traded Items:
Namco PS1 NPC-102 Sold to afierymisfit*
Namco PS1 NPC-102 Traded to networkingyuppy for Neo Geo PS3 Pad

  • 6x Sanwa Buttons* sold local
  • Namco PS1/PS2 Traded to ibeatu for DC ASCII Stick
    PCB from a Xbox360 Hori HRAP3 EX-SE Traded to Luckyday
    X-Arcade Local

I also have a mini red case made by Big Pockets. It has one light scratch on the bottom, and one deeper but much smaller scratch on the top.

EDIT: This one: http://www.joystickvault.com/showphoto.php?photo=1243&cat=500&ppuser=20

I can provide a more recent photo if you like.

Are you selling? or wanting to trade this stuff? How much or what are you looking at?


Only items I want right now are a black Japanese Wii or various games to play on it, which I assume you don’t have. Otherwise, I’m willing to sell this stuff. How does $50 sound to you?

I also have an LS-32-01 with one faulty microswitch, a Sixaxis board with battery, 6 yellow seimitsu screw-ins and a lot of white sanwa snap-ins. Figured I’d mention it in case you have any interest.

Think I’m going to pass on the case, but how much you thinking for just the Sixaxis adapter?

Also do you have pics of the 6 yellow Seimitsu screw-ins? And are they the transparent ones? or the colored ones?

I can provide pics of the buttons but not till about 6 hours from now. They’re colored ones.

I’ll sell the Axisdapter for $20 shipped.

Ok… sixaxis sounds like a deal…
PM me with your paypal info.

Don’t worry about the buttons I’m looking for the clear ones.

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Added Items to selling and looking.

Lowered price on PCB from a Xbox360 Hori HRAP3 EX-SE

Lowered Prices

Hori Buttons sold

man i keep looking at that namco stick

Got the Sixaxis today… cant wait to get this puppy installed!

Namco is Sold/Traded

price drops

added more stuff I’m looking for…

Cool, glad to hear it. Gonna leave feedback of excellent transaction.

Dropped you some too

X-Arcade gone…

PCB’s price drop

PCB from a Xbox360 Hori HRAP3 EX-SE Traded to Luckyday

Added stuff I’m looking for