Punishment For Disconnects

Let me explain my 5 matches of the night to you.

  1. Win. Me: Johnny Cage. Him: Scorpion. Disconnects during my fatality.

  2. Win. Me: Johnny Cage. Him: Scorpion. Disconnects during my fatality.

  3. Win. Me: Jax. Him: Scorpion: Disconnects right before my fatality and sends me message “haha suck it!”

  4. Win. Me: Johnny Cage. Him: Scorpion. Disconnects after I win first round with a flawless.

  5. Win. Me: Johnny Cage. Him: Sindel. Disconnects during my fatality.

Seriously, something has to be done, its getting obnoxious. Anyone else encountering this too? P.S. 95% scorpion players = biggest scrubs on earth lmao. :rofl:

Moral of the story? Stop doing your fatality against salty people.

It doesn’t matter if you do a fatality or not. I usually don’t because Stryker and Jax have bad ass win poses. I have never seen so many people disconnect in a game. Almost every match I win it happens… SSFIV isn’t close to this bad.

Its not the fatalities, these guys will quit either way. At least I can attempt to humiliate them before they run away.

imo frequent DCers need to have their Kombat Passes revoked, haha.

But since that won’t happen, the game should automatically append “[QUITTER]” after their PSNick/Gamertag in the game so they can be avoided.

at least i know that in the rooms it lets you see a person disconnect rate, so you can just avoid em if you want…anyone with a rate higher than 1% is most likely a rager

Getting people to rage quit is funny! Just put another notch in your belt. You don’t gain anything by boosting your rating anyway - it’s better to fight people who can beat you as much as possible

You should still have garnered a win in the stat column. I had a disconnect yesterday, checked my stats before/after and it went up a notch. (Unless my eyes were deceiving me.)

I was playing in a player match a few days ago, everything seemed fine, didn’t see much lag at all.
Suddenly, as we were playing I get the “Game is no longer available” message, and I’m sent back to the lobby. I go and check my user stats and see that I have 1 disconnect. Kinda fucked up, man.

This shit has happened twice now. Honestly, it kinda pissed me off because I am not a scrubby ragequiter.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me. It’s a little peculiar that you’re granted a ‘‘disconnect’’ when the game simply times out. With my piss poor connection with this game I’ve got 6 disconnects, but that’s out of over 200 matches. But it still makes it look like a quit and that isn’t cool.

well to combat this problem, simply play people with low disconnect #'s?

it shows them right in your face when you pick a person to play with from a room. i have over like 125 matches online with 0 disconnects, you can tell people who play to play and not care about winning/losing.

granted, the whole online interface in this game is awful, so even trying to get games this way is a chore.

I mean, i’d like more if they implemented what they were going to do with mvc3, and just make it so people with higher disconnects get connected to each other. Would solve alot of issues.

I believe that both players typically gain disconnect in non-finished fighting game online matches, because it’s hard to tell who quit reliably or something…? The thinking being that the true rage quitters will get a much higher amount anyway. Something like that.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t for example SFIV online also give disconnect % when you get rage quitted on?

no im still at 0% disconnect rate on SF4

Instead of % disconnects, we should track number of Saltalities - salty disconnects.

‘How many saltalties have you done bro?’ ‘Too many man, I just unplug my ethernet cable before he can finish me, it’s so awesome because I finish HIM instead!’

//Inb4 my failure at MK humour

I liked your MK humor. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I think if you disconnect you should get a mandatory 30 min ban from the online. That would end all of our problems without punishing accidental disconnects too harshly. (like if your internet goes out)

the problem with that is the game is dropping people left right and center which is counting as a disconnect, I’m on 8 disconnects after just a few hours its frustrating enough without any extra penalty on top, they really need to fix this shit

Oh, I haven’t run into that yet, but that would get really frustrating.

My favorite part is when King of the Hill, or a lobby, hard locks the xbox. Seriously this game online is a comedy of errors.

Sometimes I think they knew about all this and made Sub-zero have a move called ground freeze just to make the search for “Mortal Kombat Freeze” on google return less negative results.

Indeed, only 2 on google’s front page through that search criteria and they are close to the bottom of the page.