I was reading Billy Kang’s advice on punishing Urien’s keep away standing fierce (not blocked), and I was wondering what other moves you can chase in after with an SA 2. Ken or Dudley’s standing roundhouse? Alex’s mp? Or any other meter building/keep away moves.
I’d test this myself, but I’ve no console.

If your talking about punishing whiffs then pretty much anything harder than a jab or short.

Alot of characters meter building moves are quite difficult to punish on whiff even when looking for it, and/or ain’t worth the risk.

As for a list that would be really long

I see. I didn’t know it was that easy. I assumed moves had a lot more active hit frames in general.

What we are talking about has little to nothing to do with active frames and everything to do with recovery frames.

You can punish Kens (or any shoto ) c.rh farely easy with an SAII. But thats not really a meter building move, but if you see it, its a free super.

Thanks, guys. I mean I knew you could punish the sweep (especially on block), but seeing as how I can’t even do that unless I’m looking for it I think I’ll just stick with basics.

You can punnish Uriens tackle with SAII.