Punishing with Wall grab super

Long story short Playing my friends Ken he missed lvl 3 shinshoyuken(I laughed)As he was landing(since you cant let ken land from fear of his godlike recovery.)I Motioned for the wall grab super i started running at him(even he thought he was dead)and bam I stop short just infront of him missing(he laughes)and he hits my with fierce upercut taking my pride with my vitality.

How did i miss I was at almost point blank range!

Thanks for the tip man.Cause i was pissed that match was mine!
So its the first hit of c.Feirce that can be canceled right?

Up close, if you’re sure to punish, standing roundhouse and cancel fast.
Or else, c. MK xx whatever.

I only use his c. FP occasionally for slow anti-air.

Just like the regular god press, I dont think the move can actually “grab” your opponent out of the air, they have to land, then be grabbed. But, if you time it correctly, you can still do you special while in the air, just try and time it so that they will land when you reach em.

No, the super version CAN grab opponents out of the air. Hence why you can cancel the lvl2 into a lvl1 in C-groove and have the pair do more damage than a lvl 3 alone. I have grabbed people out of the air, but that was because I blocked a super that sends them straight up and me directly underneath. He runs too slowly to grab someone reliably at full screen.
Even the regular version can likely grab an opponent off the ground. I’ve roll cancelled the special thru geese’s air fireball and grabbed him, and followed up with a super.

He cant grab ppl out of the air. Goto training mode and try it for yourself. It will only work if they are in the air close to the ground, looks as it almost grabs them from the air. As for canceling from the lvl 2, by canceling the super you set up a “juggle” mode for your opponent which allows you to hit them in the air.

Let me be more specific. The super CAN grab opponents who are OTG. Hence, they do not need to be on the ground for it to grab. Same goes with the special. Hopefully, we’re now speaking the same language.

BTW, nice ironic post there.

Actually no… Otherwise the super would be able to grab them after a dark smasher, but it cannot… The only time that would work, is with a lvl 2 cancel, and like in my other posts that sets up a different mode for your opponent.

MZ, try this.
Go to training and set Rugal to do the lvl 3 wall grab. Then take guile and do a F. LK right b4 the super comes out. That hop kick is OTG(get it??? that is in the air), the super will counter hit Guile’s sorry ass. Next time you decide to make a blanket statement regarding one technicality, just don’t.
The only super that rugal can juggle with is the kick super. You can juggle that off an air fireball, HCF +K, or wall slam. The other super cannot juggle for shit, hence why you have to cancel a lvl 2 version to keep going at all.
Try cancelling his grab super off a sweep or ANYTHING, it will not combo. That has NOTHING to do with the fact that it CAN and WILL grab out of the air.
This is my last post in this thread, I’m obviously wasting my time.

But Then why did my super miss ken coming down from his shinshoyuken?

If you cross him up, Rugal will stop.

Whenever I do it, mostly in N-groove, I pretend I have iori. Punish with crouching forward xx super(when he hits the last wall, genocide cutter super). The forward timing is more reliable and the cancel is easy. I RARELY miss it and it’s really not that bad if blocked.

more detail on the talk of cross-up.
Rugal’s super has the property that if you start it on the left side of the opponent, you cannot keep running if at any point he switches to the right side.
eg: you do the super from far away, he rolls under you. Well, Rugal will stop.
2) ken does a super and you block it, on his way down you do the super just a tad early. what will happen is that you’ll just miss hitting him and in essence try to cross under him which causes Rugal to stop, but this time, he stops on the same side he started running from.

Good luck with your Rugal, he just does stupid damage for me.

Wall grab super can grab out of the air. So can normal grab special. They just have to be at certain height.

Here’s a combo: midscreen Dark Smasher, CC, s.MP, HCB+HP (brings them to corner), HCB+HP xN, QCF-HCB+P Super

It has to grab out of the air or this combo wouldn’t work.

Shin Ace: OTG kinda means something else… I know what you’re trying to say, but it could be sonfusing to others.

Vigilante8: It’s probably what Shin Ace said… When you tried grab super, Ken was still above proper height when you reached him, causing the move to end and whiff.

the thing is, for the super to grab, the opponent has to be slightly underneath his arm. basically the same height as when you do his custom in the corner. i spear people with that crap all the time. :smiley:

Crouching forward xx super with Iori sucks. s.MK xx super or just d.MP xx super is better.

OTG: Off The Ground
Like in Alpha 3 when Zangief does sweep, CC, 360 grab on a fallen opponent, the opponent gets sucked off the ground. A CvS2 example is when Kyo hits somebody with the f+HP knockdown, into the ground pound chain.

I had no idea what you were talking about earlier, and don’t say it’s your last post in this thread when it’s obviously not. :slight_smile:

super wall grab will land if the opponent is dashing as well

Just to add to that, Rugal’s Gigantic-Pressure (aka “super wall grab”), can be used to punish fierce-pokers such as sagats and vegas c.fierce. At a mid-distance, set ur position to the furthest distance you think their pokes will land, when they try to abuse that distance and thought that they can poke you unguarded, use at least lvl2 Gigantic pressue, better yet, lvl3! Do this before or during their recovery state from fierce, but beware sagat has the ultimate priority on a slight miscalculation. But when this super connects, it feels damn good!!!