Punishing DHALSIM?

Quick question, due to the recovery frames on Dhalsim’s teleport is it possible to punish it every time with Ed’s KK?
I was doing this pretty consistently in a match recently and was wondering if this was due to the fact the person I was playing against didn’t know what they were doing or it’s actual punish.

Does anyone know?

Framedata wise it’s always a punish.

Psycho Rising is 12f start-up, dhalsim has at least 20f recovery on his teleports with an actual hitbox.
The time needed to autocorrect the KK might throw a wrench in that theory.

I have found it’s little slow to try and do on reaction. Do you know have any sold punishes?
I don’t really feel good about the fact that all I can do is Jab as a punish for spamming teleport :confused:

You should always jab him, honestly.
You reset him out of the air and you get oki.