Punishing after a parried jump in

I parry tons of jump ins but am not completely sure how to punish them after parry.

Some of my most common are throw, sweep, and dp. What can you punish with and when should you use them?

I did not see a topic like this, sorry if it is a repeat.

I’ve never tried this, but maybe s.mp, s.hp xx SAIII (or shoruken if you have no meter). Just a shoryuken seems like a good idea since you’ve already input(ed?) the foward motion.

I often do a simple shoryuken to punish. I also do c.mk xx sa3 but it does not always land. I am not sure of the conditions needed to land c.mkxxsa3.

kens s.mp, s.hp, sa3/shoryuken depends on how deep the parry is I believe. Most of the time it is not deep enough.

I dont really play ken that much anymore but if i ever do I usually use close fp for a reset, or C.mk srk/super.

The parry doesn’t count as the forward in the motion. You have to go back to neutral and reinput the directions.

Ooops, I thought it did. Anyway, I think I read in the system mechanics thread that if you parry a jump in, the person jumping in gets his , meaning he can block on landing.