Punishing a Genei Jin

Since when I try to parry this and end up getting handled, what particular GJ moves, when blocked, can be punished? I play Ken.

The only one that comes to mind right now is the lunge punch (qcf+p), but only bad players will use it in a situation where it can get blocked. I’m sure someone else will be more helpful than I can be.:wgrin:

You can’t do much against a Yun who has genei activated, this is why he’s so good. The smartest thing to do is to run away (if possible, because he can hit you in the process) and block. However if they like using fwd+mk in their genei strings, you can try to cr. mp and confirm into super.

you have options. his just outnumber yours, by far. psychic c.lp his hopkick at ur own risk. if not, you probably eat an ugly geneijin combo. if he activates far, keep dashing back and when he gets close and ur cornered sj ex tatsu out. if ur REALLY feeling psychic, just ex srk. i dont believe in c.lp’ing the zenpo tenshin, the c.lk’s are way too fast in geneijin.

vs a good yun in geneijin, ur gonna get damaged in some way or the other. the least damage comes from him having to zenpo tenshin you to land hits. if you ate the 1 2 3 string in the corner, well, you can just say you lost that round.

i don’t know what moves that can be punished on block.
but when i feel lucky i throw them into the corner.

shoryu his hop kick.

vertical jump when he tries to command throw you, then j.fierce/j.RH combo.

parry his shoulder, then punish.

you must be psychic!

Using characters with good backdashes, run away by using them. Never try to jump away from, or attack a Yun that has Genei Jin activated, you will get hit, and it will hurt.

I only recommend doing anything if you block an HP lunge punch or if you predict a command throw coming.

Well what I do is basically red parry and regular parry from far ranges because yun can only hit you far from a range. Also like his shoulder should be red parried all of the time why do you think japan doesnt do it RED parry. Hmm well you can also red parry his low shorts and be crazy. Or if your really crazy take a risk if you have alot of life one parry could kill him before he kills you.

The only semi practical thing you can do is parry your way out of resets. Anything else will make you eat the combo 95% of the time.

I love stomping on Genei Jin. With Alex. Ibuki has trickies too. Jump away and SA1 his ass.

Don’t resets hit harder if you try to parry out and fail?

Don’t even bother attempting to parry the low shorts. You can’t punish them anyways.

Mopreme wrote a Ken vs. Yun matchup strategy on his blog 2 years ago. Not sure if is still applicable (I don’t play Ken or Yun) but I thought it was a good read at the time.

Here’s the link: http://mopreme.livejournal.com/1931.html

Yes, but its a 50/50 chance as opposed to a nearly impossible chance of psychic punishing something on block. That’s why I said ‘semi-practical’, as in, almost practical.

No, the damage of each hit following a reset is still scaled if you don’t touch the ground. The amount of meter he gains isn’t though. So that’s potentially 2/3 of a bar or maybe even 3/4 with the right setup he can get back even if he hit you with a full combo. So it’s your choice, try to parry and maybe get out of there while risking him filling the bar more than normal, or playing it safe and taking the hits.

Tu, can’t you throw him after parrying a c.LK?

Um, I think you can reversal super a blocked hop kick or shoulder.

there’s your problem. just block, and eat a zenpou… it’s better than taking a combo.

Say you block a shoulder or an hp lunge punch - what can you do then?
Also, if you parry a shoulder, can he followup before you get something in?
(with Ken)

whether you can throw yun after the cr lk depends on how quickly he followed up with another cr lk , if yun simply mashes cr lk you cannot throw even when parried but if yun attempted the walkup cr lk combo the throw will work, but unfortunately for the defender it’s a guess.

Yun = mash keeperjin = win

There’s really nothing you can do other than to try to take minimal damage.

In other words, just take it.

mashing keeperjin sucks. If you do that on someone blocking low you keep them at a distance that overheads and zenpou tenshin arent a threat. It’s also obvious to not stop blocking midway between the keeperjin. Maybe start it up as a hit confirm but continuing it if blocked is pointless.