Puddle Sweeping : New Roll Mechanic

(All credits to Magno (MagnomanX?) to be the person to find this little thing)

Puddle Sweeping :
For every Puddle that Roll sweeps she gains a PERMANENT damage buff that lasts the remainder of the match. The maximum damage from this mechanic tops out after 5 sweeps, so afterwards, while you can continue to sweep puddles, your damage output will not increase.

This is separate from the damage buff she receives from charging her broom, but they do stack together. The buff applies to all of her normals, specials, and supers. Her damage stops increasing after she sweeps a total of 5 puddles. At this point, (if you know how to relaunch of course) her damage output is on par with Tekkaman.
How to do :**
Pretty self explanatory, lay down any number of puddles and use a broom or turbo broom sweep to mop them up.
~New Info~**
“I believe you get the full 5 puddle power up with just one puddle if you sweep it up with Roll’s super. It’s a much quicker way to gain that boost when you can find an opening for it.” ~ph33r me n00b skillz

I disregarded this at first but after more testing this seems to be the case. If Roll is ON TOP OF A PUDDLE and activates her TURBO sweep (the super) she gets the FULL benefit of ALL FIVE PUDDLE SWEEPS. For the cost of 1 meter. You will know you have done this correctly when you see a ball of light appear around Roll as soon as you activate the super.
Damage numbers :**
(all done with Charged broom on Ryu at full health)

Level 3 Super
No Puddle ~ 25,018
One Puddle ~ 27,515
Two Puddles ~ 30,015
Three Puddles ~ 32,518
Four Puddles ~ 35,020
Five Puddles ~ 37,524

2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C
No Puddle ~ 8,205
One Puddle ~ 9,023
Two Puddles ~ 9,843
Three Puddles ~ 10,664
Four Puddles ~ 11,484
Five Puddles ~ 12,306

Relaunch Combo (2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 3C, J.AABB, 236-B, 3C, J.AABBC)
Five Puddles ~ 26,959

**Safe Setups : **

With Charged Broom 1 Meter (will not work in corner)
2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 236-A, 623-A, [Charge Back] 6-AB

No Meter No BBQ Regular puddle sweep. Requires a charge and cash assist.
(Credit to Rollisyourmother)
2a 2b 5c 3c j.abb j.236a (land) 623a p (4)6c
Safe Setup for FULL Puddle Boost :**
(Needs Cash assist / Charged Broom / Baroque/ 1 or 2 meters)

2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 236-A, BBQ, 623-A, Assist, [immediately jump forward and hold down-back] Sweep Super, [Optional DHC into Cash Geiser Super to make COMPLETELY safe]

Does not work in corner. Time assist so that Cash hits your opponent OTG.

Things that need to be confirmed :
Does this effect Roll heal?

Interesting thread…

From what I’ve tested in a versus match, it doesn’t appear to make a difference in healing when she’s buffed.

So Frank/Roll is still the team to look out for lol.

So Polimar no longer has the strongest level 3 eh?

It looks that way, supposedly if Karas so much as got hit by a jab before getting hit by a full powered level 3 then he’s dead.

Even though as a Roll main I love this discovery, Roll with Teakkaman damage just feels so wrong XD

First off, nice find. This is really cool.

Second, here’s a new setup for you, no meter no BBQ regular puddle sweep. Requires a charge and cash assist tho.

2a 2b 5c 3c j.abb j.236a (land) 623a p (4)6c

looks like Roll really got some love in UAS

so I guess something ending with 2C xx water xx sweep super is the opening combo of choice

That is a very cool find, thanks

Wait? So by simply laying a puddle and doing Turbo Sweep, she becomes Tekkaman lite? Holy shit!

So, if I super sweep on one puddle, I get five?

Well you need to be on top of the puddle then do the super.

Has anyone had better luck than me finding safe setups for a full boost that don’t require a Cash assist? =/

Team Hyper Combos might provide enough time to setup the puddle + sweep…

Directly on top of it, huh? How lenient is this?

NM, after some testing, seems pretty lenient.

Ok, found another safe set up for full boost, but this one is with Polimar assist, and it’s actually safe without DHC. It’s the same thing as with Casshern’s, but this one needs to be close to the corner. Polimar’s assist will hit them on their way down and keep them in the air long enough to do the super sweep, and since it won’t be an OTG the swing at the end will hit and knock them down.

Dunno how useful this is since I’ve honestly never seen a PoliRoll team, but it’s another safe set up at least.

with zero as a teamate you super sweep and dhc to the double super (i forget what it’s called) to make it safe.