Pub Fights in Dundee, Scotland

Hey guys, just want to let anyone who’s in Dundee or the surrounding area know about their local scene.

Right now it’s located in the Counting House (Wetherspoons) on a Wednesday night from 7.30pm onwards, although we are looking into other locations for something more private and dedicated. We usually have 3 setups, and right now because AE is easily the most popular game we assign two setups to that and run a tournament on them, but we are switching to league battles very soon. A third setup is for a variety of games to be played in casuals, such as Blazblue, Arcana Heart, 3rd Strike etc, and now that UMvC3 is out we’ll be switching up the order.

The skill range is huge, we have some very good players and some beginners there, eager to learn the game, so have no fear of coming down!

PM me if you’re interested in coming, it’s more convenient to know the expected numbers and who I’m adding to the group.

Here is our Facebook page, which is named “Fighting Games Society” because the scene grew from a university society to an all-comers of Dundee group :


hey i was just wondering, is there a minimum age for the group?